Piece 44: ключей


Whenever you express yourself, you are essentially creating life.
Conscious formulation of energy is the same as divine expression.
Because if it is done correctly, from the true essential, it will
take shape in matter. You witness this all the time in any moment.
The fact that you are able to read this is because of structured
energy. Which life is. Structured energy manifesting itself in
many different layers of expression. The body is a structure of
energy, as is the mind. The higher the level of the structure,
the greater its comprehension on that certain plane.

All that you see is a result of structured energy, from that
of the cosmos itself to that of your intellect. Nothing would
take shape if it was not initially expressed. Because to express
is to create, and to create is to come closer to the divine.
Because any and all can only understand it in the momentary
expression. You reading this now is a result of the structure
in your very mind, allowing for you to decode this structure.
And you being here now is the result of an overlapping structure.
This is what allows for synchronicity to occur in the experienced
reality, that which would be the appearance of coincidence.

Whenever you see a manifestation of an expression, whether it
is an opinion about an artistic expression, comment about
a news report, a roleplay, a cosplay, anything. That is a
result of structured energy, resulting in information and
further from that intellect. When you create something
original and it takes hold, it manifests itself through
matter itself. An expressed idea could manifest itself
through a mass of people adhering to that idea, the
stronger the informational structure of that idea,
the greater the massive structure that can be built
from it.

To understand the essentials of the Universe is
to understand the energetic principles, and to
realise them allows for mastery in any given realm.
Fear of expressing oneself stems itself from an idea.
From an energetic structure in the mind of that person.
But it could be as easily overcome as adding a solution
to a math problem. Because essentially it is nothing but
structured energy. And there will always be any sort of
energetic structure to add to or solve whichever structure.
That is the principle of infinity.

Infinity is not infinite if it does not allow for endless
possibilities. The human mind cannot fathom that in result,
only in momentary observation. You may understand infinity,
but you cannot ever embrace it. Because if you did, it would
mean that you held all the structure of that which is known
and everything that is not known; all that is possible and
all that is impossible simultaneously. As to say, you cannot
contain everything into something. Because the structure which
is you cannot transcend the structure which you are part of.
But you can understand it. As to say, much like you can grow
physically, you can also grow mentally and spiritually.
Because they are all of the same fundamental principle:
that of structured energy.

To create is to structure energy.
So to be creative is to be as close
to the divine as you can get.
Or as a wise man once said:
“Life imitates art far more
than art imitates life.”

If your creation and thus expression
would be metaphorically described as
a stone, how would you even attain
a philosophers stone, if you spend
all time throwing your stones away
in the intention to insult and hurt
people whose structure you cannot
tolerate due to own weak structure?