Piece 43: ἠέλῐος


All which is life comes from that which is,
the dance of the sun and the earth.
So it is and so it has been all our lives.
The information contained in the structure
of light, transforms the matter which is
made manifest in this realm, reality, of our plane(t).

If the sun changes, we change. What the sun do,
we do. Because we are pieces of the ground,
pieces of the earth. Pieces of consciousness,
contained within these containers of matter,
which is the earth. We are movements in the earth
itself. We are not separated from the planet, we
are of it. The sun is young, and so is our earth.
The sun could have us starve, have us burned.
It gives life as the light impregnates the matter,
and it takes life when it burns that of the old away.

Every event that ever takes place is because of the
structured animation of the light, the electromagnetic
interaction between the celestial bodies.
Much like the electron circulates the proton.
It is the lightbringer in this abyss of ours.
If it changes, we change. If it dies, we die.
Because matter is nothing without structure,
and structure is nothing without matter.

Like the electron is nothing without the proton
and the proton is nothing without the electron.
The neutral void in-between is where the spinning dance
allows for the expression, the offspring of the
interaction between the two.
Disharmony in one, means disharmony in the other.