Piece 42: novus ōrdō sēclōrum

“novus ōrdō sēclōrum”

The ones who opposed the New World the most, will be those who advocated it the most. Because they point at and judge the ones who ruled the old world. Effectively targeting them so that they can be removed and replaced for the sake of initiating the new world order.

It will happen whether they want to or not. Because it already has. And they, those who were against it the most, are those who helped it succeed the most. It was all part of the subversion. It is one of the greatest tactics in order to induce change. To point the finger at oneself and have all the docile follow. If you get the masses to hate that which you yourself oppose you have already succeeded.

And now they all point at and blame those who ruled the old world. As it was intended. As it was designed. The judge never stops to think twice about those who it is they judge.

It has already succeeded. It was the tactic used in every revolution that ever took place in the human history.

‘Target the old and make room for the new
By posing as the old and make all mistakes
So the masses of people can do the rest for you’

Never underestimate the power of a confused mob.

An idea fused together by a con;
which drives a person or group.
It is not the exact etymology of the word,
but it works flawlessly in the context.)