Piece 4: Transdimensional Communication

“Transdimensional Communication”

The reason why relationships are so hard to maintain is simply because of the infinite complexity due to the metaphysical and alchemical structure which constitutes the human body and mind. The human body and mind in its conglomerated state are highly unstable; not only due to its internal rendering and thus change, but also because any and all outer elements will affect the structure in one way or another. The only way to maintain a relationship is either complete self consciousness in all participants or absolute blind faith in each other; which are the extreme opposites. This because the most minuscule action could have the most fatal effect on the relationship, since the mind of any human being is absolutely unpredictable due to its unstable nature. This is probably why the human version of a relationship are so rare among other animals. Only a relationship where all the participants are completely self conscious are able to overcome this since they are aware of these factors and thus able to act accordingly when changes occurs. Because not only are they aware of the unstable nature of the human mind, but also that change is inevitable. Those who operate on blind faith will experience the problems but they will not know how or why. They might overcome it by sheer power of will, but that requires tremendous amounts of faith; which most likely is why a large number of marriages today do not last very long since the faith part has been left out almost completely in favour for the ritualistic jurisdictional and religious mumbo jumbo that comes with a marriage.