Piece 36: vērum


What people generally refer to when they use the term “reality” is really nothing more than a collectively agreed upon set of genetic code through which they animate their recollection of the cosmos. How they choose to perceive and decode it in expression. The conventional reality is really nothing more than a collective lucid dream in which the majority of people reside. Slight variances and deviations in the code between groups and individuals gives rise to concepts such as cultures, religions, creeds, nationalities and so forth. But all of it are nothing but a certain set of genetic data which is both transmitted and received by any and all individuals.

With enough genetic data, such as information, ones genetic code starts to deviate enough in order to separate from the collective dream, the conventional reality. That is when one truly buffers oneself away from the conventional. The very reality shifts, because you change your genetic code, and since that dictates your entire being, how it manifests itself within the cosmos, your very experience of the cosmos changes. Most people today are so enslaved by their genetic code that they will defend it when challenged. It is like being trapped in a cage and becoming hostile once someone tries to free them from it. Although it is more a genetic prison. Something that formulates genetic makeup, in all of appearance, to traits, behaviour and superficial intellectual data such as language, culture, creeds, groups, religions and so on.

Absolute sovereignty is something that begins on a genetic level, where ones very choice of perception and thus choice of animation slowly breaks the rules of the conventional reality. “Lucid dreaming” is not something that is done only when asleep, it can be done at any moment. Because life itself is a dream. The only difference between someone aware of it and someone not aware of it, is that the person not aware of it will claim what they call “reality” to be real, and a dream not to be real. That is usually why they cannot control their dreams or become aware of the fact that they are actually dreaming in any given moment.

When people says to me “I do not want to become part of your dreamworld” that is the ultimate compliment. Because by doing that, they prove two things. The first being their own slavery towards the conventional genetic code which they have inherited and furthermore enforced through a lifetime of perceptive programming. But also that you in your difference are deviating enough to be considered genetically sovereign. Conflict occurs because people all over are comparing which dream, which genetic makeup and by that essentially holographic rendition of the reality is the best. It is no different than people comparing which movie, game, book or otherwise they believe to be the best. You have been dreaming your reality your entire life. The reason why you disbelieve it, is because you believe that you do not. And that stems from the genetic information which dictates the way you think and behave. On every level of superficial expression.