Piece 35: animus


The human mind is essentially a biogenetic computer that is animated continuously because of the collective momentum through cosmos. The influx of information in the individual continues for as long the human remains alive, and this in turn formulates the genetic code through time. Everything you ever experience passes through your being, which essentially is the trifold construction containing your spirit inside the mind and body. Your brain plays the greatest part as the processing unit. It is not the only functional organisation of your being involved in this process, but plays the most central role in humans. Because through processed perception we are able to manipulate our genetic code through intellectual stimulus, constructed experience and formulated meaning. What we see is both an internal result and influx of external information which bathes us in the collective cosmos.

Only time is the deciding factor, as it is the very thing that makes the continuous animation possible. Time being no other than the illusion which arises because of the movement, which is change, of matter within the cosmos. And as this is as important to the celestial bodies as it is to anything else, it also affects the conscious thought of all capable thinkers in animated manifestation. This is the reason why wise men have said “you become what you think” or why the thing we call ‘Placebo’ can be so powerful. Because our very thought affects our action, which in extension affects our entire being.

This over time in relation to epigenetics helps us reformulate our body. As to say, some humans, like other beings in the cosmos, have already reached the stage of transcended controlled evolution. Where we are on a conscious scale able to dictate the outcome of our own animation. The greater the self consciousness, the greater the result. Thus the human brain as the processing unit is like the steering wheel which enables this progress in self conscious awareness. What came before is as important as what will come, because what came before is already an embedded part of our own genetic code, animating our very expression in this time.

Most misread or misunderstand this because they lack sufficient levels of perception. But what you perceive to be outside is nothing but an animated result by your very own mind. So if your mind cannot animate it, you cannot perceive it. It would not manifest in your animated holographic representation of reality because you do not possess enough advanced genetic material. Like an old computer cannot animate advanced graphics because of lacking circuitry. You always see what your brain shows you. Not really what is external to your own being. More and more humans are becoming aware of this due to accelerated intellectual evolution where the brain is stimulated in ways so that it can handle and process a greater informational influx, which like anything else in the cosmos affects
the genetic codes of our animated beings.