Piece 34: homō novus

“homō novus”

Essentially the human body is nothing but an extremely advanced hierarchy of atoms coordinated into several functional systems that symbiotically brings forth the being which is the human in expression. Everything that is of your body serves a purpose and function, otherwise the body would not manifest it. Whether science understands it or not is irrelevant, because a human fully understanding its body is no different than a computer completely understanding itself. At the point of complete self consciousness one is aware of all the subsystems constituting the body as well as all the overriding systems in the cosmos that manifests the realm in which life is enabled to express itself. The body in terms of organism, that is an organised system of organs that together enables conscious relocation of matter in the illusive space-time is as much universal as it is individual.

It is essentially a multidimensional alchemical invention formulated in tandem with the expressive universal laws, be it physical or whichever else form of logos preferred for understanding in order to animate itself. The physical aspect is merely one part of the human body; as is the mental, also known as etherical; and spiritual, also known as astral. Meaning that one is so much more than what one somatically perceives. Since what is physically retained through vision or the auditory function is really nothing more than the result of one or more subsystems constituting the human body. The ability to translate etherical understanding into composed data in the physical realm for recollection of other entities in terms of human beings through intellectual logos is the absolute proof of consciousness itself. Because if it were not, you would not read this right now and retain understanding from it. Since what makes it possible is the very thing I just attempted to describe.