Piece 30: The rule of the ancients

“The rule of the ancients”

Everybody believes in the evolution up until the very moment where they encounter a more highly evolved manifestation of life. At which point they most often become jealous or fearful and succumbs to disbelief instead of appreciating the possibility and embraces their opportunity for further development. That which one believes to be is usually not what truly is, but rather more a momentary result of perceptive comprehension. There are manifestations of life in existence far far superior to humans, which are in possession of abilities most humans can neither imagine nor comprehend in complete understanding. There are beings manifest who has since long overcome the concept which humans label ‘death’ and thus transcended the mortal principle. The concept of evolution, or progression, applies as much on the mental realm as it does on the spiritual and physical. Anyone who stands in disbelief before this utter fact has already been outpaced and are nothing more than the slowly dying remnants of yesterday. At least until the point they decide to evolve further. Humans are not the end of evolution, the very act of believing this is absolutely ridiculous. Humans are rather more the beginning of evolution, as it requires the human capacity to even comprehend the concept of evolution. Imagine what a colony merely a million years older than humans could have developed beyond the physical realm which humans blindly label ‘reality’ like it would be the only realm in existence. Either you grow, as to say evolve and develop – or you are already dead, you simply do not know it as you cannot comprehend it.