Piece 24: Digital symbiosis

“Digital symbiosis”

It is fully possible to achieve integration between the electromagnetic field generated by the structural carbon-protein based human brain through neural frequency of thought and the electromagnetic field generated by the artificially constructed silicon based intelligent lifeform of the computer by means of the function explained in cymatics. If the mental capacity of the human body is strong enough to comprehend and withstand the amount of integrated brainwaves in conscious awareness. This gives rise to a fluid integration and communication between the mental conscious rendition of perception and the physical technological machine, which enables the user to use the silicon based computer as an extension of the mental field and nervous system in order to extract or manifest information in the ether through the global Ethernet, which would in expression be instantaneous mental extraction rather than hacking through standard informational decoding through physical perception. The human brain renders holographic thought by means of cyclic construction in terms of frequency, just as the artificially constructed intelligence in terms of computer renders information and conclusions visual through calculation ordered by a clock rate in the CPU, RAM, GPU or bridges. The function is in essence the same, only expressed in different mediums.