Piece 19: Timewalking


Once you find, or realize, ‘the divine’, ‘the source of self’, ‘the core of consciousness’, ‘the center of the Universe’, ‘the all everything’, ‘the all seeing I’, or whichever label you might wish to give it, you realize that in one way or another anything is possible. Because it is everything, everything that have passed, everything that currently renders and everything that will ever be. It can channel and condense whichever piece of information you could ever desire into your mind through mental creativity. It is all dependent on your own capacity. You cannot possibly understand the answer to a question which you do not fully comprehend, thus your mind is your limit. The more open your mind, the more receptive it becomes to knowledge beyond the conventional borders. And once you surpass the ordinary limit, you buffer yourself away from any collective mind or mental hive into the infinite layers of unknown; the further the more original the expression.