Philosophy of fat

I have a very rigid perception and philosophy around fat. In function and expression.
Essentially, fat comes in two forms. Low grade and high grade. And that in regard to what it is, essentially stored energy.
Bulk fat is low grade energy. It takes a lot of space and is not very efficient. It does not serve any purpose in regard to the homeostatic system which it is part of.
Muscles are high grade energy. It takes less space and is very efficient compared to bulk fat. It is essentially refined fat. It is being properly utilised by the homeostatic system it is part of. As it is self-serving.

Carrying around a lot of bulk fat consumes a lot of energy, hence why obesity might occur. It is when the consumption starts to consume itself. What is being consumed is not properly transformed into high grade energy and therefore requires a lot of energy to maintain. This strains the homeostatic system and over time degenerates its efficiency. Basically driving the system into collapse, manifesting as a heart attack most often due to the failure of the heart to circulate resources. This is in accordance with the law of thermodynamics, where energy is being dispersed in the maintenance of the stored energy. A self-consuming system.

Muscles might require a lot of energy to maintain, but they are self-serving, which means they carry the load of the system. It is a properly developed homeostatic infrastructure.

To me, a person with a lot of bulk fat is essentially a developing colony. It has yet to acquire the more developed and sophisticated infrastructure of a muscular person with a proper homeostatic infrastructure.
Because metaphorically, the human body is very similar to that of a country.

Carrying around a lot of unused resources in the shape of bulk fat is not very developed. Just like a country that has a lot of resources which it does not use is not properly developed. It is a developing country.
Having a refined infrastructure that utilises the resources is equivalence to a developed country, an industrial colony.

The same can be said about finance. Having a lot of excess money that is not being put into usage is not very efficient. It requires the owner to constantly acquire more as to maintain the resources. A self-consuming system.
Whereas a proper economist understands that investing resources and energy into something that furthers sophistication is proper investment. It gives return in the shape of production through expression.

This is why I am not against bulk fat, it is just that most people who has an excess of it refuses to use it. Refuses to develop. And that is very inefficient.
But bulk fat is also necessary if you want to build muscles, because you need resources to shape structure, to create an efficient industry. So they are essentially very inefficient colonies.

Yes, you might live longer with some bulk fat. But it does not mean you are using the resources efficiently. A muscular person is essentially the fat person, but more efficient, as the energy has been transformed into high grade from low grade.

On top of this is the much less understood concept of beauty.
Beauty is attractive. Which is why people with little resources may survive. Because they increase their attractiveness through beauty. And no person, fat or muscular, can resist beauty. Try and fail.
This is why some men and women are more attractive than other. It is all about the usage of the energy which one has. A sophisticated expression, where basically nothing has been turned into something. Beauty becomes increasingly hard to maintain the more resources one acquires. Hence the transformation into high grade energy. The effort is the exercise.
In men that usually means being fit and well trained.
In women that usually means being fit and well adjusted for reproduction.
Although the shapes differs in them both – regardless of amount in any given individual, since all people carry both the male and female energy in different amount.

In society this comes off as architecture. The more intricate the architecture, the more perceived beauty, as the resources has been transformed into something that is pleasing to the eyes.
In finance this comes off as fine art.

That is why I always utilise my resources as efficiently as I may.
And why I put a lot of effort into the perceived beauty, as it is a sophisticated form of transmuted energy.

You cannot cheat this.
Muscles and beauty can only be achieved by development, as to say, effort.
You can try to force people into thinking you are beautiful, but without effort, you will be regarded as a fake. Real muscles cannot be faked. Real beauty cannot be faked.
Hence why there will always be a collective disposition against people with an excess of unused resources.

In finance this is seen as ‘taxes’. It is the collective contribution towards the homeostatic system, be it a body or a country. People with excess fat are those that refuses to contribute. Much like if you carry a lot of low grade fat on your body, they are not contributing. They are forcing the homeostatic system to maintain them without contribution. And that will strain the system and bring about a collapse.
This is how a country dies due to inflation.
This is how a body dies due to obesity.

Resources are worthless if they are not used.

And for the sake of comparison. My body has a fat reserve of about 6% (which is constantly being replaced).
Which means that 94% of my body is pure efficiency, either in the shape of muscles (workforce) or organs (refined function such as infrastructure).
This is why I am personally not against taxes. Because I apply the same discipline on my body. The cells that refuses to work for their living in my system, are burned off and shed.
I might not have much, but every piece of resource is being used very efficiently.

That is why you have the notion of ‘the starving artist’, that can transmute almost nothing into something.
I might not survive doing nothing for a couple of months like a fatty can. But I am so industrious that I do not need to. I know how to sustain myself through efficiency.

That is my personal philosophy regarding fat.
And it is completely in sync with thermodynamics: