Personal stance

on the vaccine and vaccination is simple for me.
I do not care. It does not concern me as a naturally immune individual.
So to me it is more of a joke, or convenience to those that ACTUALLY need it.
If they do.
I believe in personal choice.
No point in me taking a vaccine against something I cannot even contract.
It can get into my body yes, but it remains no more than a couple of hours if.
Nothing survives in my body that should not be there.

All the medicine given to me in the past was literally murderous agents, chemos, that were specifically designed to target at kill the immune system. Mainly TNF-alpha suppressors.
As long as I maintain the homeostasis by means of proper diet and living, the “disease” is manageable. Because it is nothing more than an hyperactive immune system.
Not something bad if you consider it for a moment. Especially in times like these.
Having a weak but “normal” immune system these days is not to your benefit.

But it also means that my body reacts violently towards things it is allergic to.
I have had flu twice in my adult life. Once when I was on the heaviest chemos, one of which is Adalimumab and another being Methotrexate.
The other one in January 2020, it could have been the Covid, as I came in contact with someone who had been abroad. But this was before it was announced. And whatever I got influenced with only lasted for 12-15 hours. Intense, I reached 40 degrees Celsius in fever, but short-lived.

Might have had a cold as well, but it would be hard to notice. Because it is natural for me to have fever often due to the hyperactivity of my immune system.

I am most certainly not afraid of the virus.
I am more nervous about the vaccine, because that I have no idea how it could mutate with my immune system. Several of the immunosuppressants they gave me almost killed me.
So no vaccine for me.

If you try to force me, I believe I have the right to kill you. By whichever means I desire.
Because I perceive forced vaccination as attempted murder.
And that grants right to self defence by default in regard to Universal law.

Accidents tends to happen to people who wants me gone.
Not because I want to or make them, but because the Universe works its mysterious ways.

‘I love you’, so why would you attempt to kill me?
I being a symbolic play-on.
I is the pronoun for consciousness.
Me is the pronoun for the ego.
Pay attention in that perspective.
And realise the scalar nature of the ‘I’.