are, quite frankly, disgusting. As in repulsive. As in I repel them intentionally.
One of the most common string of thought that goes around in the collective unconscious now is the literally expressed emotional hope and desire for relatives to die so that inheritance can be acquired.

I might be fucked up, but not even remotely towards that.

I feel with the elderly.
I might be spoiled, but at least I have dignity.
It is natural, sure. Hence my leaning towards authentic transhumanism.

Death is the inevitable fading, no matter how prolonged life.
But I love life, the animation of it more than the expression of it.
So I could never, despite my art, even resonate that way.

I find that far more disgusting than any superficial or artificial lifestyle.
Especially since these people are retarded enough to THINK that their thoughts are private. The hard part is to pinpoint the origin sometimes.

Easy for me to evaluate people. Not judge, but evaluate.

Saw the movie Dark Places.
Such an eloquent, deeply disturbing, depiction of the dangers and destruction of prejudice.
Projected prejudice causes the projected onto one’s energetic upstream.
So many things of my past I wish were not “true”.
To my definite benefit.
Social credit, the ultimate fascism.
If not clandestine torture, so straight up isolation.

But then again.
I am conscious.
And I love life.
No small symbols.