Mute, but never deaf.
Blind, but never deaf.
Immobilised, but never deaf.
Paraplegic, but never deaf.

That endless silence. Even if I could imagine it, I would prefer not.
Watched the movie Coda. Cliché, in the right perception of it, but good. More of an experience. (Watched without subtitles)

But does not neurophones work for deaf people? Transdermal transfer of electric pulses?
I imagine it would sound weird, having no basis for sound recollection; other than tactile receptivity maybe.
Or is it simply another way to stimulate the eardrums?

The only fair compensation I could imagine if I were deaf would without hesitation be psilocybin. As it eases the development of synaesthesia a lot. Then at least one could learn to see sound through intuitive perception and increased translation of tactile reception.
I have it in my synaesthesia, why human touch is such an intense experience to me.

One is an ongoing set of senses in developing motion. No reason to stagnate due to intellect. Either one believe in evolution or one does not.
Always down to choice. Always.
The best thing with choice is that it is subjective, because one’s brain animates one’s Universe. So one’s choices changes nobody else’s Universe, only one’s perception of them.

I imagine deaf people are prone to ESP, because they are forced to pay different attention. Things intellectual people in the phonetic sense never would or even could pay attention to.
Of course it would express oddly, due to the norm of taking phonetics for granted.

Many people imagine, or think, that their thoughts are private.
I always found that very entertaining.
And people usually find it very weird.
Because if you do not pretend they are, people usually freak out.

I like expressing their thoughts in reflection.
See how they react to themselves.
Superconscious simply means, at least intellectually in symbolism, that you are above conscious, in the context of it usually above the intellectual ego. Conscious above the intellect. The construct. Super-con-scious. Above the knowledge of the con, as to say aware of it due to application of it. The con being the arrangement happening in the moment of course.
How else a conversation?
An arrangement of symbolism.
A construct, a structured arrangement.
One has to realise that all is divine arrangement.
Subconsciously designed through crystallised growth in the human mind.
It is all mathematical however you imagine, because mathematics is a constructed conceptualisation of it.
Mathematics to you did not only discover itself, it grew itself into being. Your symbolic conceptualisation of it was grown through perceptive inspiration.

That is why intellectualisation is such an interesting endeavour.
Because once you understand what language is in terms of constructed arrangement, you realise how easy it is to grow new conceptualisations through curious arrangements.

You really ought to pay attention to the structuring of language. Not from a ‘nerd’ point of view, but because it is a symbolic conceptualisation of genetics. To your brain it is genetics, or neurogenetics. A self-help book is in the neurogenetic sense GMO, if you allow it to alter your behaviour.
Take for example the Latin word ‘aurum’. Very familiar symbol to the majority of human civilisation. Take words such as authentic, author, auto or authority.
You make those associations, subconsciously. The more conscious meaning you attach, the greater the pattern recognition of everything.

Now I brought them to your attention and expanded your consciousness – if you were not aware already, in which case it hopefully passes for entertainment.
As to say, your scientific understanding of the con. The arrangement of language.
It works in all languages. And that would be fluency to me.
The point at which you are so structured in your symbolic arrangement, that you find little trouble to define anything – no matter how unsophisticated the definition of it.

I imagine that at least intellectual content could allow some comfort to it.
Music. No life without it.
No ever sensual whispering from women, oh fucking hell no.
Hearing is my most precious receptive sensory function.