For as long as I can remember somatically, I have been a lucid dreamer. Some of my earliest memories builds upon this ability. It is in no way an ability that is exclusive to me or any one human. Though some are clearly more proficient in its practice than others. When I was very young, and I mean very young, like two or three years old. I kind of existed in two worlds simultaneously. One in which energy was in its raw state. My brain had not yet learned how to decode the energy in a conventional manner, it had not yet accustomed to the conventional perception of people. As to say, been locked into the intellectual paradigm through which most people translate their perception of "reality". The more the years passed, the more I got 'pulled in' into this conventional reality. This due to me getting my brain formulated in how to translate energy. Slowly I could formulate energy in expressions which my parents and other people could understand.

But I never fully entered this conventional collective dream which most people reside in. A part of me remained on the 'other side'. I remember when I was quite young, say five years old. I used to see a bright purple rectangle inside my mind when I closed my eyes. If I focused really hard on it I could pass through it and back to the 'other side'. If I did it when I was going to sleep, my body eventually fell asleep, but due to me keeping consistent focus on that rectangle, my mind did not fall asleep. Essentially letting me experience my dream in a more conscious state.

Since then I have practiced this principle in many different ways and forms. And I am fully aware of the 'outside', that which is outside of the 'dimension' formulated and built by my mind, that which I believe to be 'real'. So I can lucid dream at any given moment in my life, in many diffent shapes and forms.

It should be mentioned that this is not a simple realization. It requires quite a strong mind to withstand and comprehend. Because confusion and anxiety can arise so easily, due to most ordinary people being completely oblivious to it. They will mock and ridicule those which have mastered this practice. Mostly because of fear or belief that they themselves cannot do it; insecurity. They also falsely believe in 'privacy', when in fact, no such thing exist. That is an idea many people cling to in their fear of other people knowing their innermost secrets.

This is very important to know if you want to remember this practice. Because you used to know it. Everyone knows it at birth, then they slowly forget through the days as they are slowly dragged into the conventional reality. You must be prepared to withstand a lot. You can either reamin 'awake' or fall asleep again. Keep in mind, that many people claiming to be 'awake' are not so. They are just clinging to an idea in their mind, in their mental dimension, much like people believing in privacy or that their own mental dimension is the only one, or the one most correct.

But essentially there are two forms of Lucid dreaming. In both the somatically awake and asleep state.

The first one is the Passive form. This is when you are aware of the dream, but not able to control it or by choice not interacting with it. This is a state of observation. Where you observe what your mind creates for you. If you are awake this occurs in what you call reality. This is the reason why you experience synchronicity. There are more factors to it, but this is a huge part of it. Because what you are looking at is really the image that your mind creates when it interpretates the 'out there' for you. So that is essentially your 'wall'. Every other being out there that has a 'connection' to you, is essentially a 'brick in your wall'. So, if you are aware of this, you can communicate with other beings regardless of distance in both space and time. Simply because the symbols manifesting in your reality is a result of that which is projected and received back and forth. This can be used in many ways and forms. But the essential of passive lucid dreaming is you observing more than you interact. Right now you observe this creation of mine manifesting on your 'wall' because of your mind.

The second one is the Active form. This is a little more interactive. This is when you consciously interact with your surrounding. Regardless of what it is in whichever moment. As to say, you express yourself. It need not be something specific. Because what is manifesting in your 'reality' is essentially a cocreation. So you can comment on a random video on Youtube, and by doing that interact with whichever entity or being that expression came from.

Some metaphors will make it more easy to understand. This life is like a MMORPG. Where your physical being is your character. Whenever you interact with someone in some way, that is no different than interacting with someone in an MMORPG. So far so good. The thing is, much like a game takes place on a server, people regardless of distance can interact as if they were in each others vicinity. Your mind works the same way if it is receptive. Because nothing in your reality is there because of random. My own conclusion in this goes:

There is no such thing as coincidence
and it is no coincidence that you know it

What that means is that you can communicate with anyone, regardless of distance anywhere at any moment. You may 'think' that you are talking to a certain person. But suddenly this person starts talking about something that makes you think of another person. Maybe they talk about something you talked about with another person. This is because what you see manifesting in your reality by your mind, is a reception of projected energy from that person which you conncected to. This is synchronicity. And it is part of Lucid dreaming. Because this is Lucid dreaming in the awake state.

The next part is Lucid dreaming in the asleep or the entranced state. This is a little more tricky to describe. Because what this essentially is, is world building. Your mind does it when it is asleep. That is why dreams are so weird. It takes material from the conventional collective dream, and makes a compilation of it into something new. It builds a world for you to be in while the body disconnects from the collective server. The stronger your mind, the easier to maintain control of it in this state. If your dreams are very messy or 'shattered', as in making little to no sense. That is how your mind is in the awake state. Usually because of poor memory. If you have weak recollection in the awake state, then the mind will have little material to use when it goes into world building when you are asleep.

There is a way to train this however. And that is putting yourself into an entranced state. It is not hard. It needs no fancy positions or poses or whatever. All you need to do is to close your eyes, and start using your thought. As to say start visualize your inner worlds. Because when you do this, you strenghten your mind. You train it into having a stronger recollection of thought. The more detail you add into your worlds, the more perceptive you will become of details in the collective realm. Because what happens on the inside, reflects on the outside (and vice versa). As the 'outside' is a result rendered by your mind when it interpreters the chaotic mass of energy which surrounds your being.

Imagine that scene from the movie Interstellar where Romilly speaks of the deep space. That could be a metaphor for your consciousness in the body. Where the thin layer of aluminium is your mind. It separates you from the existence. And your "reality" as in that which is created by your mind is your ship. It is what you navigate the cosmos with. In a sense we are all cosmonauts.
(I like the the word Spacesailer/Universe-sailer (Cosmonaut)
more than Starsailer (Astronaut) - greek word origin you know)

That is what self awareness feels like. It is also the reason why so many fear it. They do not know how to handle it, or navigate it. Luckily the key is in that scene. Music. Music is the key. Trust me on that one. Exploring music is to explore structures of energy built by other lucid dreamers, whether they were consciously aware of it in the moment or not. And listening to music can help so much in your own world building when you close your eyes. No drugs needed. This is also why shamans and ancient tribes used music to enter an entranced state. Because that is what music does.

The better you get at building your mind, as in building internal worlds, the stronger your mind becomes. This also boosts your creativity, and from that your self-esteem. Because you no longer become reliant on the reflections projected at you from mentally weak people who are afraid. That is why creative people often are able to withstand it. Because their mind is stronger than the talentless 'haters'.

Anyone subjected to fear or paranoia is not truly 'awake'. As they are not lucid dreaming. To be 'awake' is to lucid dream in the moment. But due to them fearing the truth due to rigid belief in illusions created by their own mind such as privacy, they make up all kinds of phony stories about creative people. That is all they can do.

My own conclusion in that matter is: Talented people create. Not so talented people have opinions about talented peoples creations

Because if they truly knew how to dream in a lucid state, they would be so occupied by that instead of attacking or hating on people who know how to do it, more or less in conscious awareness. That is how awesome Lucid dreaming is. It is no joke nor is it an exaggeration. You must experience it yourself in order to understand that. But once you truly master it, you will not even bother to care about the 'haters'. Because you will see them as 'dead'. Like 'zombies'.

And you need no drugs for this whatsoever. In fact, most people using drugs are those afraid of 'missing out', they want to know how to do it so badly that they try taking the 'quick-fix'. And that usually ends up badly. It should always be the other way around. You should know how to lucid dream first. And quite well at that. Because that means you have a strong mind enough to navigate the trip properly if you ever choose to use a drug. But you will not need it. All it really does is enhance the reception of the mind, which can be used for exploration or in some cases help shattering the wall building up in your mind. But you can train yourself into doing that. You can train yourself into having synaesthesia. That is part of building your mind. And building your mind is done by building worlds consciously in your mind. Building a world, in which you then can imagine things happening. Literally anything. Only your imagination is the limit. And since you create this in your mind, it will in one way or another reflect itself in the outside collective realm.

Try it. You will be surprised just what the mind is capable of once you start trying to lucid dream and just do it. The dream does not come to you, you must consciously build it by means of thought.

There are much more to this which I could explain. So I will update this page when I feel for it.