The music which I have picked for my pieces in this work are some of my personal favorites. And the artists or bands who created it has nothing or only as much as they desire to do with my artistic project. It is only links which I have provided, and I have tried linking the official sources in every instance. Some of the works linked are however unofficial creations but in those cases it is because the unofficial video complimenting the music.

No infringement is intentional on my behalf, so all the links provided and musical and other artistic references should be viewed as given my greatest of respect. Art is the very thing I live for, so the best way I imagine to show my gratitude towards artists and bands as well as other creators is simply dedicating my own creations to theirs.

Since Internet is an ever-changing place, some links could be broken, and I will fix them eventually. I have ever since I uploaded this project been unsure whether to actually include the links or not. Since infringement to me is quite a complicated topic. That is also why some of the pieces do not have any links. Since they are too controversial to be associated to anything.

But anyone experiencing this project should not associate me or my project to the music I have chosen. I am writing this only to get it off my conscience.
/Theta Eklöv