Out of all the cultures which I have studied, the Russian people and culture are one of the most motivational and inspirational. Their culture, politics, history, songs and music, education, military branches, language, people and humor are some of the most interesting areas which I have studied, contrary to the popular opinion and mainstream perception within the country from which I origin. As their country expands over one ninth of the planetary surface, they have come probably the longest way in getting a wide variety of people and different cultures to live in harmony. The spirit of their people are extremely well developed in terms of humility and I do feel a kind of gratitude and sincere respect towards this culture and country in the sense that it granted my life meaning when it was in that moment really hard to find anywhere else. They inspired me, in the very true meaning of that word. People should instead of being prejudiced be taught to study and respect other cultures, whether they choose to accept or embrace them on a personal level or not.

To befriend the Russian entity and spirit as well as its people, I believe to be one of my greatest achievements in life. It has enriched me beyond what I could possibly describe.

Давай, пошли в домашний очаге!

"В чём сила, брат?"

Since a lot people have accused me of all sorts of silly things because of my love for Russia I will clarify this. And I am deeply saddened that I even need to. No, I am not a Russian spy, I would not even be able to, as I clearly lack proficiency in their language. And the fact that I am physically disabled and more or less terminal does not add to my 'working ability'. Neither am I a supporter of Communism (although that was many years ago now in Russia). I do not hold any political alignment at all. But since politics is a part of culture, of course I study politics as well. I know a lot of people in this world has serious trouble understanding this thing. But I really just love their country, and everything that it includes. It is 'unconditional' love, meaning I just do it because I want to, not because I expect something or because I must. Look up the word 'unconditional' and realize how rare that thing is. Especially in this world where so many people 'takes the name of Love in vain'. I am truly sad that in most peoples eyes it must mean that 'I am something' or 'think something' or have an 'agenda' or anything just because I function the way humans are supposed to. That kind of thinking is the reason why we will never ever have world peace. As sad as it is.

The reason why I picked Russia is simply because our mainstream media in Sweden only spews shit about Russia every single time, they really never have anything nice to say. I am that kind of person who wants to know for myself. Therefore I got interested. And I am that kind of person who will not stand by bullying where the group singles out someone. In that case, regardless of scale, I would much rather listen to the one targeted and singled out, regardless of what I myself think or believe. I see that as part of my human responsibility. I think that any human who dare call themselves intelligent should reach that conclusion.