are a funny thing. An expression I come across rather often is the saying “opinions are not facts”. And this is true. In fact, there are quite few facts in life. If you boil it down to the essence of it.
I like to think of it in the line of constants and variables. Very few constants, that you can fairly without doubt verify to yourself. And very many (intended) variables that comes from them. This might be an important conceptualisation to get the greater context.
The only true constant I know of is ‘change’. Since it is the very thing that makes me alive. The fluctuations that vibrates my heart muscles animating me into life happens due to change. Biological rearrangement. And everything I perceive in my body thanks to it, also changes all the time. The only thing that seems immune to change is the ongoing change itself. If it were not, it would not be. If it ever changed into a state of never again changing, it would be ‘the great freeze’ of the Universe. Nothing would ever be again. No photons bouncing around affecting our retinas and changing electric signals in our brain changing thought animating comprehensive consciousness.
It is the only true conceptualised constant I can assume. Since my assumption is because of it – as a result of changing observation.

Next to that, not really qualifying as a true constant, since it is subject to change depending on the life form – would be choice. But this requires a certain level of sophistication to truly come off as choice. Especially conscious choice, which is much harder to achieve than one would believe. Even if the intellectualisation of it, the arrangement of symbols, implies conscious choice – can you consciously choose how to arrange it intellectually, or are you reciting something because your power to choose how to express is limited? Are you driven by instincts, or do you choose your behaviour?

These two, the true and semi-true constant allows an infinite amount of variables. Some of which could pass as fact depending on the context. But since the context is subject to change, also facts are subject to change. To a varying degree. Which is the entire point of integrity. To have structural integrity in the arrangement of energy. Gold is assumed to be of great integrity, since it is hard to replicate, change or break down. But it is a fact that it is subject to change, thus integrity even in those with a lot of it, can change.

This is why the obsession with facts is often proving lack of conscious choice. You choose to accept the “fact”, since it is simply easier than to question it. Which would be a more conscious choice. You may reach the conclusion that in the context of the moment, it is indeed a fact. But do you do this every time as in accordance with the constant of change? Or do you blindly accept it as an absolute fact? Which holds little difference from a constant.

In my opinion(!) people seem to carry around a big pile of facts. Some of which works, and some of which do not. In certain context they are facts, in other context they are not. You would know this if you were conscious enough to make a choice questioning the fact in the moment.

An opinion is not really much different from a fact, and momentarily, that is a fact. But only as arranged in this context. If you were partaking in an intellectual institution, which is nothing more than an arranged paradigm, energetic culture, then opinion differs from fact. But facts would not function without opinion. Because facts rarely question facts, it is usually opinions that questions facts.

I would say you need both to be an efficient thinker.
Be aware enough to observe functional facts in certain context, but also be opinionated enough to question if they work in all context.
Because all intellectual arrangement is, according to factual science in its essence, nothing more than an energetic structure taking shape in time and space. It is as valid as it is invalid depending on perspective.

The reason why people argue about facts and opinions, is according to my changing observation and conscious choice to attempt understanding it, due to their structure of variables holding weak integrity. People are throwing intellectual constructs of symbolism at each other, some of which holds greater or lesser integrity. It is essentially mental war. If you cannot win it, you can use different forms of defamation or discrediting. Which is also just opinions, and rarely facts. In some context they are facts, but in the ever animating motion of whatever the Universe as an energetic construct as perceived by the human brain is, they usually fade out as an opinion. A momentary opinion.

A personal opinion of mine regarding evolution: if it is indeed a fact, due to being a symbolic synonym to change, then the entire Universe ought to be evolving. Which would, in given enough time and space, render even the hardest of scientific facts as opinions eventually. They may have held ground for some million years, but beyond that nobody knows for certain due to the observable nature of change. Or evolution.

This is why I myself do not bother so much with facts and opinions. Because I know due to change in personality and perception stemming from it, that they most likely will phase out. Some remain longer due to structural integrity in the intellect, but mostly everything of all I have ever thought fades away eventually. I do not hold the same opinions or know the same facts as I did ten years ago. My person merely ten years ago appear alien to myself. When I look at photos of myself as an infant, I look nothing like I should look like.
Change is real. Real is change.
Reality comes into perceivable experience due to change.
Even time changes. Hence relativity as an observation of that.
Even the perception of time changes – so WHAT do we really know?

Those with a mind of a greater structural integrity can make better choices, and therefore choose what they choose to understand.
And my personal opinion, which is not a fact in this context, is that education has very little to do with it. Since education in many cases strips your ability to actually make conscious choices by arranging facts and making them facts to themselves. When a lot of it is essentially just opinion in the moment. Shorter or longer.

That is why, when people ask me for my opinions.
Do they mean now, yesterday or what I probably may assume due to expected change in the future?
When people try to use facts, have they properly questioned the fact themselves, or do they use it as a baseball bat for the opinion it rides on?

These are very important questions, since nobody I know of at least, has any idea whatsoever why Life exists.
Yet so many seem to be of the opinion that they have the absolute facts about it.

Personally, and that is conscious choice as I try to navigate my own process of change in life – I avoid that kind of people. Because they do not seem very conscious in the choices guiding their intellectual perception.

But in the greater context, it is just an opinion.
Not a fact. Because it is subject to change after all.

That oughta do it. ^^