One of

my very favourite metal songs.
Philosophically speaking.

I never realised in my youth so much what it was about.
This song, and the entire album, is beautifully deep.

Over time it has grown to a completely new meaning.
Gotta love ancient dormant entities.

Who said anything about them being huge?
Maybe they were huge because of the amount of individual components they could influence…

Keep digging in that ice my dear scientists (metaphorically speaking).
Who knows what you might dig up. Long hidden deep within the Terran gene code.

I find it comedic that it is often easier to find the ‘divine’ within metal.
They always seem pretty straight to the point. Poetically or not.

Always art <3

I used to associate this allegorical piece of my Opus to this song.
Oh, synchronicity. Had I known fully back then..

(Arranged in 2016)