That word.
That symbol.
Changed it for me.
Not in the intellectualised sense.
But in the perceptive and comprehensive.

Have you thought about that word, in deeper meaning.
Obviously the meaning is very clear.
Omni, meaning ‘all’, and present being ‘in the now’
‘Ever-present’ is a more suitable synonym or direct translation.

You see, that is a truly interesting symbol that is often brushed over and ignored. Because that is no small symbol if you attempt to comprehend it.
I mean, can you wrap your head around it?

Right now?
Right here?
In this very sentence?
In every sentence on this blog thus far.
In every sentence by every human throughout time thus far.
In every expression of our solar system throughout time thus far.
Every spec of dust in the perceivable Universe.
And all that which is beyond that, to us currently unknown.

Can you wrap your head around that?
The words, yes, the ones you read.
But in idea. In comprehension.
Do you pay it attention?
In the moment?
Right here?
Right now?
Every time?

That symbol is just another word in their senseless murmur of sermons. A repeated symbol that is within the string of words like all the other. But to me, as someone acutely aware of all symbolic language, that is not a small symbol. It is one of the biggest ones.
Somewhere right below that of ‘infinity’ or ‘eternity’ when it comes to the capacity of trying to perceive it and wrap my head around it.

Not even my own perception and comprehension is omnipresent.
How can my comprehensive instruments even attempt to comprehend something they are not themselves?
Thus the subconscious.

Therefore it comes down to belief.
Do you believe in it?
If not, then how would you perceive it?
How could you comprehend it?

Can you even believe in omnipresence?
I mean, that would be the present being aware of itself, essentially.
So it would be presence in the perceived belief of the presence.

That is no small symbol.
Yet they use it as if nothing.
Like people use the word “forever”.
Can you even wrap your comprehension around that?
Have you even attempted?

Your cognitive output is a direct result generated by your attempts to wrap your head around things. And if you have done it enough, you would have come to conclude at least some symbols that are very hard if not downright impossible to wrap your comprehension around.

If “God” is omnipresent, why would it ever need to be argued?
If religious people truly believe that, how can they be against anything at all?
That one word, that one symbol both verifies and nullifies religion in its entirety simultaneously.

Assuming it is, there would never be a need for a religion.
Because a religion is nothing more than a meagre attempt to wrap your head around ‘omnipresence’ in formulated intellect taking shape as a doctrine or perceptional paradigm.

The religion ends up being mental clothing.
Intellectual fashion.
Constituting your perceived character.
Hopefully omnipresently aware.

I believe in it.
Because I do not know better.
It might even be impossible to know better.
Something arranged all of this.
Which we perceive.

I need no religion to see it.
It is everywhere according to itself.