do not worry.
I never share my best ideas.
These are just thoughts I animated several mental generations ago.

My best ideas I do not yet know how to put into formulated intellect.
It does not translate. Yet.

The absolute edge of known science is like one of those upgrades in a strategy game. You have to wait for bio-components of a colony, the human resources, to develop them.
By means of observing the temporal progression of any entity, you get a fairly good idea where they are heading. That applies on individuals as much as countries.

Synchronicity arranges itself on a carrier wave. In the temporal, that would be the swing of the planet. It spiralling according to a gravitational rhythm.
If you know that, then you know that the synchronicity today is affected by the gravitational fluctuations in the temporal, past and future.
Hence the ability to foresee future arrangement by observing the present arrangement. The gravitational melody is often more similar than you think.
It is the celestial genetic code, after all.
How repetitive is your life?