respect is for all those who struggle against the ego.
And all those who understands what that means in its entirety.
Because the ego also likes being against itself.
So it is easy running its errands without knowing it.

It is by far, without competition, the hardest battle of modern human life.
Because it knows your every move. Your every thought. In every you.
The more of it you have, the more of it you have to lose. To it.

Remember, the ego will never trust itself.
Because the ego is an imposition from its very conception.
As hard to get rid off and defeat as cancer is.
Because it expands in the same pattern as cancer.

That is why human society spreads in the pattern of cancer.
Because it is the human ego that arranges its expansion.
Good or bad is only definitions in the ego itself.
Hence why it is so hard to defeat and overcome.

It literally tells you what is good or bad.
Right or wrong.
And navigates you with it.

If you become a target to it, every predominantly ego-driven person on the planet will judge you. That is how it removes dissidents.

I love the new idea of vaccination passes.
I mean, that is some next level apartheid shit.
Will unvaccinated get a tattoo as well?
A star on the arm? As a segregated subjugated and oppressed class of citizens?

We did not learn jack shit.
This idea would be one of the wettest dream of the fascists, commies as well for that matter.
We are as retarded as the ego.

I can only hope that science tests accurate, and that the vaccination is a scalar expression of apoptosis in human biomass. Genetically programmed self destruction due to corrupt or misaligned arrangement found in oneself. They are imposing by enforcing it, which is cancerous. So the logical response in the natural homeostasis would be for them to kill themselves when the overlapping system kicks in.
I do not care, the vaccine seems entirely an ego-thing.
Because the ego-driven seem most manic about it.

I am not against the vaccine, what-the-ever. To each their own ofc.
I am against the egotistical imposition of trying to enforce oneself onto others.
Because that is cancer. And according to the NWO conspiracies, cancer will not be welcome.
So I assume it is the waiting game if you refuse to take it. Synchronistically speaking, the mass death will occur in the coming decades.

Hence my respect to those who battles it by not falling victims to the imposition.