personal take on one of our most famous national symbols:

Obviously, to me personally, it is a reference to the Trinity.
Physical, Mental, Supernatural
Body, Mind, Spirit
Female, Male, Balance
Mother, Father, Child
Negative, Positive, Neutral

To me it simply means that the three most major spectra in the existential spectrum of energy has been properly mastered, balanced and/or understood in symbolism; now, or to be – since time is not linear to me in my perception.
The past builds the future; the future understand the past.

It is a conceptual triangulation within the existence, defining a national character enabled to express itself as a living entity.

Does not mean that it is the absolute meaning nor that I am absolutely right – it is a personal take.
But I love building my own personal associations, as inspired by the many mental cultures I have traversed.
It makes it easier to enjoy life.
And to read personal synchronicity.

Simple conceptualisation in imagery:
Because trinity can only arise when duality is balanced.
When bipolarity phase cancel itself out, the quantum state is achieved.
It is symbolical mitosis.
If physical it is reproduction.
If mental it is artistic.
If spiritual it is becoming.

Hence the saying ‘the kingdom comes’