Today allowed for assembly of yet another biological delivery solution into my homeostatic system, which is intended to hasten aspects of my ongoing morphosis. This primarily utilising the transdermal delivery mechanism.
It has proven very beneficial to my skin, as made manifest by the morphogenetic field.

So many interesting adaptogens to play around with on this planet.
If one is sophisticated enough in efficiency to harness their effect to a greater degree.
That is the reason for an efficient homeostasis, mental and physical.
Supposed natural resources are basically useless to an inefficient homeostasis, as the effect takes too much time to notice for the discipline to be sustained – and synthetic compounds such as pharmacological are basically just about functional, but not in an optimised manner.

The faster the resource circulation and energy distribution system of the homeostatic construct, the more efficient the manifestation of effect. Transforming a body is like transforming a society. Which is why I refuse stagnation, as it will inevitably lead to heart failure or worse.

I know far more of what I am doing than the people who worries that I do not.
Because their worry is sparked by their own inefficiency, and thus their fear is for themselves. By projecting that fear, they spread the contagious mindset of desire for control. Something that is not to be taken lightly in the potential effects and probable outcomes.
Why solutions for consumption should not be shared unless the partaker knows of all the risks. As a developed researcher I would claim to be well aware.

That would be the more scientific explanation why TARSOF refuses to share its findings and developed solutions to the public, but reserves such to proven recipients. As the solutions, if applied, could potentially cause harm in the subject.
The problem when you experiment on someone/something other than yourself is that you never know how you will react to the same thing completely.
The problem when you experiment on yourself is that it is tremendously hard to replicate the findings in another subject due to the adaptogenic nature that inevitably follows with the increase of sophistication – assuming success.

I am happy to conclude that my, as well as our, research has proven quite..
I cannot speak for the comprehension and conclusion of your perception: