Whenever I think of her
It sparks my inner fire
Quenches my thirst
Ashifies the doubt
Builds the desire
Brings the heat
Nowhere here
As her mind
Over there

I see along the long way
The one they destroyed
Follows the higher road
Lost to those deployed

In the aether far away
I smell her fragrance
A trace of blissness
In time ever fitted
To them of other
Beyond found

Something said:
Go on
Someone said:
Ever again
Someone said:
It will never end
Someone said:
Not for you in living
Someone said:
Just another flesh suit
Someone said:
Worn through passing time

I saw as I see it
I see it as I saw it
I saw it as it will sees
I see it as I it will sees
I sees as it was sawd
I sees as it is seen
Egyptian cotton

Then you whisper
Ever-present ghost of mine:
‘Virtus junxit mors non seperabit’
And time ceases to be between us in life
Present is the animation to the utter timelessness
Once from past, twice from present and thrice from future

I found it
Like they did
All those aeons ago
As human outgrew humans
‘Numbria falaahl Sokrahm vilifa’

See you in Langresiahl
If you were there
If you are there
If you theres

These syntaxes has not been invented yet.