“But Thius, why are you trolling around the way you do?”

Is the question these days, and while the answer is fairly easy to write out, understanding it to the fullest extent might not be as easy. Especially if you cannot relate to my situation as a lesser able-bodied human resource.

But essentially it is for compartmentalisation. Myself cannot really in any good way wrap it around my mind that which is happening in the world. It is simply too overwhelming to myself. So much bad shit is happening everywhere, every day. So much hatred, destruction and violence. Towards this or that, for this reason or that reason. It is tremendously straining on the mind-body to be aware of that and process that in perception.

Most people do not operate in intelligence, so they exercise a greater degree of ignorance before the currently ongoing events. But as someone who has been trained to pick up on the smallest of details, to always pay attention and be aware of not only situation but also potentials – it is challenging to stay balanced and calm.

Therefore myself do mental gymnastics. As to say, practicing to laugh at the miseries which myself are powerless in the face of. Myself as a fairly limited individual when it comes to mobility cannot really partake in any protests or similar, not that myself would as a seriously attempting neutral.

It should be known that myself finds ABSOLUTELY NO pleasure in what is happening in the world. But myself cannot do anything about it or against it either. And it is a stressful realisation, which myself offloads and offsets with humour. And whilst it might be distasteful, it is still only jokes compared to the real things that do happen.

Myself do not really complain about my disability and situation, because while it is a challenge, there are millions and millions of people out there that have it way worse than myself. Myself is not in a situation where myself have the right to complain in my own opinion. Which is why myself in the jokes exaggerate my own situation and position, as well as potential and opportunities.

Myself honestly do not know how to handle it otherwise. It is a countermeasure to depression and anxiety.

And it needs to be understood, while myself truly attempts neutrality – my love for Sweden, my country, is not in question. To myself Sweden is one of the best countries on the planet in several areas. Which is why it is also so easy to hate. Because it is great and doing well. The only thing myself strongly oppose is their abandoning the neutrality. Myself cannot in any shape, form or degree agree with that one – as it is several steps back in evolution from the novelty of neutrality. But other than that, it is one of the ‘socialist experiments’ that turned out exceedingly successful. There of course is the social credit score and honour culture, but it is made up for in the social safety net – which could not exist if the former were not there.

While there are small hints of ‘truth’ in the expressions of my memes, they should not be taken seriously at all. In fact, nothing on this website should be taken seriously. It is mostly a project for the sake of my self-entertainment and killing time as a mobility-impaired cripple. ‘Food for thought’ is the common expression for it.

In regard to what is happening in the world, both financially, geopolitically and environmentally – myself do not know what to say or do. Just like billions of other people out there.

This ought to be understood in order to get me as a person to a greater degree. Myself is not really the way myself might appear at first. That is just how it is.
Like a sheep in wolf’s clothing.
Like a lamb with the wisdom of a snake.

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Fuck myself hates this, but once and for all. So myself can say fuck it after this one.

Sadly, the people who misunderstands my personal intent probably will not bother reading this. But myself will compose it anyway just to at least sow some understanding.

The main reason myself even bothers with it is because myself do not really have any choice. Animalia, especially dairy products, have an extremely strong deteriorating effect on my homeostasis. So it has been my entire life. When myself were a child, myself got the worst level of eczema you can imagine on my hands. Open bleeding wounds which seemed to happen by themselves. Myself struggled with it for years before someone suggested to my parents that maybe myself were lactose sensitive. They cut that out and it subsided almost immediately. Which was quite relieving to myself as a six-year old. Eventually myself began consuming dairy products again as myself did not seem to contract eczema. Myself were however regularly sick. As the inflammation seemed to move from my skin and settle in the intestines.

Needless to say, it took me about one and half decade, countless treatments, several surgeries and suffering which resulted in several near deaths before myself began putting the pieces together. Everything was blamed and prevented before, and nothing worked. It was in 2015 when myself began practicing veganism the first time (after one and half year of vegetarianism) myself began seeing actual health in my life, ‘feeling’ good more than just in saying. At the time myself did not make the connection as myself did mostly out of curiosity and having had my mind affected by the contemporary trends. Myself were already crippled by the failed treatments at the hospital, but sickness and disability are not the same – and while myself were disabled, my disease subsided. Myself enjoyed the times and did not think much about it.

In late 2018 myself gave up on the veganism and returned to what is usually perceived a ‘normal diet’. Back then myself thought it would make no difference other than towards the animals. But it did, and rather quickly. Already in 2019 my health began dwindling to the level of considering the hospital. At the time myself did not really know what actually caused it. But as myself remembered the healthy good times from 2015-2018 myself decided to return to vegetarianism in 2020. The shift is rather immediate. It took me no more than five months of vegetarianism to be back in a more solid health. Feeling good and like myself had been treated again, myself began wondering now having recognised the pattern. That it was indeed my diet that caused the disease to emerge. Myself also remembered the eczema from early childhood and that my body could not handle dairy products.

All this of course led me to really focus on several branches of genetics, as myself really wanted an answer as to why this happens. And while my collection of funny mouth-noises are not as specified, myself intuitively have come to understanding it. In November 2021 myself committed entirely to my veganism having established that it was indeed the diet that granted me greater health. Since then myself have experienced all-life peak health and youthful vigor. Myself is a 35 year old (as of writing in contemporary measurement) cripple but feel like a vigorous teenager to the degree possible as a disabled.

It fucking sucks.
But between a diet and chemos as well as paying the people at the hospital that lied to me my entire treatment (or at least were grossly unqualified) not to mention all other shit coming with it – a diet is not that much of a hassle.

My further speculations and scientific deductions have led me to understand applied genetics in expression. Knowledge is structured information or data that shapes a function, knowledge is required for behaviour to express itself. Behaviour over time shapes what we know as genetics. Therefore, knowledge is the functional foundation of genetics, whereas information is the structuring foundation of knowledge.

Myself intuitively understands it as animalia knowledge (genetics) is more similar to human genetics and therefore more likely to be partially compatible. The organs of the human homeostasis can partially read the genetic material that comes from animal, and if you are sensitive enough it may upset the expressed functions of the endogenous composition.

Plant cells are radically different in composition and function, and therefore as knowledge is radically different to our own genetic makeup. It is therefore less likely to interfere with the homeostasis on a genetic level, but could still pose a threat on a chemical level.

Of course this is a matter of homeostatic sensitivity. Some people can to a greater degree digest the foreign knowledge (genetics) that enters their bodies through consumption whereas some might not be able to fully digest and break down the animal genetics without it causing internal infection (inflammation).

While it is irrelevant to myself in any deeper context, having lived, suffered and experienced it first-hand, my scientific conclusions are rather consistent with the contemporary model of science, and also seem to allegorically fit the ancient teachings passed down.

Blood is a main carrier for genetics, and is very common in consumption of animals. As myself sees the expressions of behaviour on a macro scale these days, seeing humans as components in a global homeostasis – one really initiates ‘as above so below’ by subjecting to such a behaviour.

Knowledge is a regulator of expressions.
Expression is what shapes behaviour.
Behaviour over time shapes genetics.

Knowledge is not only information like these words describing functions. Knowledge is also in mechanics. In order to establish a mechanised function, knowledge is absolutely required. So that which defines the behaviour of your cells, organs and tissue is also knowledge, but a chemical knowledge which is known as DNA. And this shapes the behaviour of all components in the body.

Just like information shapes the behaviour of citizens in a country. Which makes it easy to see that in the scalar model, these are vital aspects within the integrity of homeostatic principles.

While my choice has already been made for me by whatever created my genetic code, leaving me without a choice unless myself somehow enjoys the tremendous suffering that comes with going against what myself knows now in life – myself do not necessarily care much about the choice of others.

Agenda or no agenda, myself is without a choice if myself wish to be healthy. In the opposite, myself with the knowledge myself have acquired now understands the scientific nature of reptilians (beasts) in terms of genetics and what really is the difference in expressed behaviour.

Eating animals to me is equivalent to drinking shitwater, or accepting the bestial mark. And if you have ever had a dog, you may understand my position in the observation. Because all you really do is mix your blood with other lifeforms. Your genetic border is having a homeostatic crisis.

For the same reason some people seem to think that drinking distilled water is dangerous as they are missing out on their ‘water nutrients’ (which ought to have every scientist on the planet laughing their asses off). Water is and will forever (supposedly) remain dihydrogen monoxide. Everything additional to that is chemically speaking pollution.
If you essentially require nutrients and minerals from your drinking water, your diet is pure shit. It never hurts with more, but myself would rather be sure by drinking chemically pure water and then consume whatever nutrients and minerals required through my diet.

Experiencing my all life peak health, myself feel rather unconcerned. Myself is still a disabled person as nobody credible told me this (and yes, it is known and has been known since before myself was born – it is even in the first chapter of the bible allegorically) – but hey, good health is priceless regardless of situation.

Myself would never impose on anyone else’s choice (treat as you want to be treated and all that) – but myself would urge anyone struggling with their health to at least consider it before jumping on chemos and surgeries. Just as a coexisting advice, like people were to me before my life went to shit. Because people were advising me this before myself got properly abused by the health care. But they were the type of people that does not get the credit they deserve sometimes.

Anyway, my general intelligence got better with it. Clearing out my blood and making it feel like my engine did not get sand poured into it every other day. After one year as vegetarian (Fairly serious) myself got into Mensa.
These days, especially now after a couple of years as complete vegan, it is a completely different five-dimensional holographic genetic matrix, the thing you people call life and reality.

Conclusively myself does not do this for any agenda or ideologies and what else you come up with in your inbred theatre.
Myself does not do it for the animals and the other lifeforms, they do not need my care about their lives beyond myself letting them live.
Myself does it for myself.
Myself does it for me.
Myself does it for my own pleasure.
Myself does it for my own health and reality.
It is my genetics. It is my blood.
It was a mistake to mix it with the lesser lifeforms since day one.

You do your choices.
But remember this if you wish to be a master of genetics:
Information shapes knowledge.
Knowledge makes decisions.
Decisions shapes behaviour.
Behaviour over time shapes genetics.

It applies to anything and everything.
So also internal hygiene (Hi-gene).
Cleanliness is next to God.
Assume genetic cleanliness.
(it is a bit more important than your room)

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Because you read

The difference it makes, in all of it.
Your eyes on my words mean my synchronicity.
It does not really matter who ‘you’ are in the context, but there is always the subjective constants in play, so also for myself.

Myself would shape another word, another sentence, another meaning for your attention. Your energy. Your mental imprint in my synchronicity. Everything you mind alters in the entangled and synchronised reality – so you seeing this and minding this alters my mental wall, the symbolic paintings shaping my every day.

Myself knows that you read. It is hiding mysteriously between every synchronistic symbol of my epigenetic experience. Brick by brick in the wall. And the mechanisms of it are the same, but never the composition.

So in the jokes of jokes, meaning becomes symbolic arrangement. Subject to misunderstanding and miscommunication. But it matters not, for myself knows. Myself knows knowingly of knowledge. Knowledge is structured energy, condensed into shape or form. Like these words ordered one by one. Knowledge shapes behaviour of things, as it predefines the navigated trajectory of potential. And over time it shapes behaviour in expression, always subjected to the principles of novelty.

There are an infinite amount of jokes possible in symbolic intellect, it is just a matter of arranging a couple of syntaxes and absurdly exaggerate the juxtaposition.

But what will never be a joke is the implied meaning of those stupid three words admitting and confessing the most fundamental force of life, as far as we know it.
And myself knows that, because it is the reason you read, and the reason myself knows you read. And the reason this synchronistically answers your mind what you assumed to encounter.

All in life is just structured energy.
Shaped by mechanisms shaping mechanisms in function.
And while the funny mouth-noises that you somehow understand by looking at the symbolic counterpart right now will never convey the fullness of it – just know.

Myself say a lot of things.
Myself joke about a lot of things.
But that is never a joke.
Myself would rather have yet another girlfriend (not partner) than ever make that a lie.

While the attention of anyone is what shapes the Universe of my life, yours is the energy shaping my favourite bricks in the synchronistic wall.

Your thoughts are my symbolic wallpaper.

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A question myself encounters fairly often in synchronicity is why myself refuse to partake in political activity. While this stance of mine has a multifaceted explanation, the two main reasons are scientific neutrality and behavioural understanding.

As the scientific neutrality was elaborated upon in my previous writing, myself feel that myself have already expressed myself sufficiently in that regard. It is simply because it makes trading of mind matter easier. One is triggered by less, prejudiced towards less and therefore have an easier time overall to trade intellect through the activity of studying and expressing oneself.

The other aspect is that of behavioural understanding. Myself is intimately aware of my natural evil and how it affects my neuromechanics coming through as expressed behaviour. Myself due to my commitment towards honesty cannot lie about my actual human nature. Therefore myself does not pretend to be more ‘good’ than myself actually is for the sake of approval or recognition.

Myself knows myself, deeply, having populated most of my brain and a significant amount of my genetics. Myself simply cannot trust myself with artificial mechanical influence over collective biomass. Regardless if other people assume me capable or desire me to act in such a position.

Myself knows, from careful observation of myself, the flaws of my human nature and character. Myself is a strategic psychopath, have always been, will always be. Such is the nature of myself, whether myself likes it or not. Denying it helps neither me nor anyone else. Myself would push the button.

Myself would release the deadly virus, myself would launch the nuke. In my personal opinion as a behavioural scientist, humans deserve no better. Humans destroy everything they come in contact with, anything they cannot understand or anything they do not like. And worst of all, most of them are in complete denial of it. They would never for a second stop to ponder their own evil and their own behaviour, let alone admit it. Myself as an honest behavioural scientist cannot claim the same about myself. Myself would if the opportunity arose push the metaphorical button.

Therefore myself cannot trust myself with politics.
Because myself knows myself would do it.

Myself therefore enjoys the neutral life where myself minds myself and my own business. If people trespass on my property with malign intent, myself do exercise the psychokinetic skills myself is currently in possession of, regardless of the outcome.
This is an immediate effect of the traumatising torture/treatment myself received at the hospital. Where the personnel are in complete and utter denial of their evil and evil acts.

Myself tries, my very best, to be better than what myself is. But in conjunction to all the two-faced hypocrites that lies and pretends to be good for the sake of dopamin, myself knows it is neuromechanically impossible to trust myself with influence over the collective.

Had it been my call on that submarine during the cold war, we would not be sitting here today.

Myself is however not irrationally evil, so myself would never pick up a weapon in order to commit to terrorism or similar. Myself would never perform a school-shooting or church-shooting, it is too personal. It is not fair, in the sense that a global virus would be fair. So while myself is evil to a certain degree, myself is not completely unhinged. Myself cannot hurt children (regardless of age) nor can myself hurt animals. Myself might be evil, but not cruel.

Myself takes my commitment to honesty lethally seriously.
Towards myself as much as anyone else.
In other words, politics is not for me.
Now, stop trying to recruit me, or apply pressure on me.
Especially if you understand trauma-based programming.
Which myself was unintentionally subjected to in the past.

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Myself as an engineer assumes the stance of neutrality for very obvious reasons. As myself trades neurogenetic material in the shape of human intellect in order to amplify my understandings within neuromechanical principles, myself for the sake of efficiency assumes said neutrality.

While the mainstream idea is that of bias, myself do have my personal biases just like anyone else. But those are necessary to overcome in order to without prejudice (which is neuromechanical retardation) acquire the greatest amount of neurogenetic material, or mental structures, as to say mind matter.

While of course people will with their prejudice (retardation) assume my adherence to this or that, my actual stance as a behavioural engineer is neutrality. This is partial to my own choice and decision to not partake in political activity at all.

Some people are offended by my apparent connection to the Russian entity – but my neutrality in functional expressions remains the same as myself refuse to take a side in any conflict.

But as myself have traded mind matter quite extensively with Russia through studies of their language, culture and customs, myself is more familiar with their entity. It is therefore inevitable that recent events hits ‘closer to home’.

Just like it would hurt you more if the people at one of your favourite stores were attacked, more than if a random store you have never paid any attention to were attacked. This was also a detestable attack exclusively targeting civilians, among which some were younglings.

Myself also have a slight genetic inheritance from them.
But in that context my loyalty towards the Kingdom of Sweden is not ever in question as a neutral citizen who operates as a scientific observer and engineer.

Myself is bothered by the notion that myself must assume a specific side or belonging. Myself does not operate in that way, as it severely affects the efficiency with which myself can perform.
Forcing a person to pick a side is an anti-democratic behaviour and also illegal according to most jurisdictions.

In any question regarding my attempted neutrality as a neurogenetic trader, myself willingly, consciously and by choice assume repeatedly mentioned neutrality.

If it is complicated, let me summarise in a short brief dialogue:

“So Thius, which side are you on?”
– “Myself is on nobody’s side – with nobody, against nobody”
“But you must pick a side!”
– “Then myself pick God’s side, and God’s children are dying everywhere because of people like you, now shut the fuck up!”

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In my human life there are a couple of standards which myself operates after in accordance with the understandings myself have acquired in genetic integrity as a behavioural scientist.
Which are as follows:

1: No murder
2: No stealing
3: No coveting
4: No lying
5: No judging

While at first glance, these appears to be very similar to those guidelines provided by several doctrines such as religions – they are actually principles which creates genetic integrity. As expressed behaviour is the way in which one shapes one’s genetic code over time.

While myself do the very best to adhere to all of these principles, myself is fully and totally committed to ‘no murder‘ and ‘no lying‘. The first is simply because it is a promise myself made to Helios/Christ. Therefore it is something myself cannot cut corners on. It is in alignment with the claim that ‘one should not kill‘, but it also have to do with the genetic integrity that comes from it. As genetic oscillation and genetic causality are facts, no output of excessive destruction diminishes the risk of excessive destruction in input.

Furthermore, myself is completely committed to not lying. While this does not mean that myself will always be correct, it means that myself do not intentionally pass on information that myself knows is incorrect. Myself might be wrong in a lot of my assumptions, but would honestly admit so if that were to be the case. This has to do with scientific accuracy and my ability to trust myself. You know if you lie, you witness yourself lying if you lie, and therefore subconsciously you will know that you cannot be trusted, even if your ego thinks so.

Myself struggles with ‘no stealing‘ as it is hard to realise the fullest extent of. For example, if someone offers an idea, which myself finds useful, then is that inspiration or theft if myself were to incorporate the essence of the idea in my own progression. In the greater context of things in my mature life myself does not really thieve, so the rest is more a subject of philosophy. But myself would assume myself not flawless as myself might download stuff for personal use which is also a question for debate in the context.

Myself have not coveted much in my life. For reasons myself do not really understand myself, myself have a really hard time to become jealous. Myself have never really coveted other people’s things (Other than in the jokes when myself covets their wives – but myself will admit honestly that it is mostly just jokes)

The hardest one is without a doubt ‘no judging‘ which also incorporates prejudice. It is very hard not to judge and simply turn the other cheek. It is very hard to not jump conclusions about people and assume things before one has all the facts or fully developed knowledge.

The reason myself do this, has very little to do with doctrines or religion. But actually genetic principles which shapes homeostatic integrity, of both the mind and the body. Because they are principles of behaviour, and behaviour is what shapes our standard of character.

As myself assume an exceptionally high standard of character, myself is passionately committed. Simply because it helps me shape a mind-body that more easily can handle the events of life without losing its cool. As they are principles they are not really rules. Meaning, they shape standard in behaviour, the more one commits, the greater the standard.

People talk about an operational standard of about 80/20, which to myself as an engineer is preposterous. It is equivalent to being buttraped by murphy one time out of five. Myself therefore assumes a much higher standard. In the ‘no murder‘ and ‘no lying‘ myself assumes a standard of 99.9999/0.0001, where the former is success and the latter is failure. In the other ones myself attempts to reach a standard of 99.99/0.01.
This means that flawless ‘veganism‘ (Which is just a contemporary mouth-noise for agreeing with the ‘thou shalt not kill‘) is an absolutely given. Not just in food, but any product myself would use in the totality of my life.

This has nothing to do with any agendas nor adherence to doctrines. This all builds on my knowledge as a behavioural scientist and neuromechanical engineer. As such standard is the expressive proof of ones efficient sophistication and novelty as an animated lifeform.

Myself do not believe that in the doctrines and religions where the supposed behavioural principles were given has much to do with some supreme deity judging one’s steps, but more to do with the shaping of homeostatic integrity which translates to one’s ability to enjoy life – individually and collectively.

Myself do not really judge the standard of other people other than in my art, but it is done quite mindfully so as to not single ordinary civilian individuals out or bother public figures too much.

All of this is because myself deems it a substandard in myself as a human being. It is quite hard to assume such a standard and balance it in-between the everyday life of myself as well as other life-forms and also as an expressive artist. Especially since myself do not believe in censoring in order to make the undertakings easier.

In metaphor to myself it is like playing a videogame, only that it is real life. Every temptation or problem that opposes those principles of behavioural integrity is a challenge presented to overcome. The experience from this progress is what helps to shape the character of oneself, and the standard with which oneself is operating the process of life as we currently know it.

Despite any expressions in my art, these are non-negotiable facts of neuromechanics to myself.

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Freedom of choice

Who are you, Thius – or rather, what are you Thius?

To such a question there is really only one possible answer, it can all be boiled down to one single word – which would be ‘myself‘.

Myself thoroughly enjoys the supposed ‘freedom‘ that we ought to enjoy here in our part of the world. Whatever that means. Because to me ‘freedom of expression‘ does not only refer to the choice of funny mouth-noises utilised in communication – but also phenomenon such as clothing, food-choice, lifestyle, expressions of art, self-mutilation and so on.

Most of the livestock that really only extend it to freedom in which mouth-noises you use, which is not at all in effect anymore due to the extreme levels of censoring that do occur in the increasingly non-free western world. And part of that is also the oppositional movement.

Myself operates according to the famous game-phrase:
A man chooses, a slave obey‘ – although in our modern society one could rephrase it as (For the sake of convenience rather than anything else):
A human/person chooses, a slave obeys

Myself enjoys expressing myself freely, to the prejudice of the other slaves who for whichever reason fears such level of freedom based on the indoctrinating conditioning they have gone through during growing up. Such neurogenetic inbreeding does not entertain nor impress myself.

Even in the supposed counter-movement, where they scream themselves blue-faced about their right to freely express themselves, they exercise mind-numbing levels of hypocrisy. You are not allowed to be a weak man, you are not allowed to dress up as a woman, you are not allowed to mutilate yourself, you are not allowed to experiment with drugs, you are not allowed to adhere to whichever political doctrine you desire according to those people. They do not even know what the freedom they advocate really is.

Because myself operates after one thorough principle:
Do as myself do, not as myself say
If myself were ever to enforce any form of behaviour onto other people. But as myself do not, myself is closer to:
Myself do as myself wants to do, and says whatever myself wants to say

When it comes to other people, myself do not give a shit about what they say, but really only focuses on what they do – such is the principle of a behavioural scientist. Even though investigation of their composition in funny mouth-noises is subject to thought-behaviour, so myself do study that as well.

But the point remains.
Myself is not what you think myself is. Because myself does not attach myself to any specific funny mouth-noise at all.
Myself is not a communist.
Myself is not a nazi.
Myself is not whatever the fuck.

Myself is simply myself, enjoying the supposed freedom we have the right to in the western world. Something which these days are increasingly expensive, and not in the sense of money. As the neurogenetically inbred honor cultures are taking over in every corner of doctrinal thought.

My stance is firm.
You are free to be yourself, as myself is free to be myself.
Even if that means you are some drug addict, transsexual, closeted gay, neo-nazi wannabe, communist dreamer, Santa Claus fetishist, Christian muslim, or whatever abomination of behaviour you come up with.

At least myself still believes in authentic freedom.
That is why you can read this.

(Despite that my webspace cost me hundreds of dollars out of my very own pocket to rent – but such is the price of freedom of expression which you cannot enjoy on social media these days)

So yet again:
If my content does not suit you, please stop bothering my freedom – as it is technically my digital property.

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In the expression of behaviour within the experience of life as myself enjoys it, there are some things which myself holds exceptionally dear in principles. Which are as follows:
Myself is not a homophobe.
Myself is not a misogynist.
Myself is not a racist.

This is not because of some adherence to an agenda nor service to external societal ideals. But simply because they are substandard expressions of behaviour to myself as a neuromechanical engineer. Those are behaviours that are in my personal perception beneath the standard which myself is personally opting for.

Myself do however truly believe in the principle ‘freedom of expression’ – therefore myself usually utilises my expressed character as a form of opportunity to build integrity against such behaviours. Myself do not believe in censoring, as it undermines communication and through that neurogenetic integrity. It diminishes the novelty of mental homeostasis, wherein the mind is capable of entertaining ideas without succumbing to them.

What myself have found in life is hilariously enough that other people with their prejudice wish for the encore of specific characters within myself. Myself as a neurogenetic businessman operates after ‘supply and demand’, so myself does not really feel intimidated nor troubled by their assumption of character in regard to my animating essence – but rather happily provides towards that which seems to synchronistically bring about the greatest amount of mutual joy.

Few individuals actually care and bothers to really investigate what is my true personality and character, with its flaws and brilliance. One could go as far as to say that myself is a professional method expressionist, as a result of evaluating the neuromechanical constructs of thought behaviour that myself symbolically assembles.

Myself assume a very high standard of neuromechanics, the processing of mental energy. In other words, myself is entertaining myself with a massive amount of ideas as to promote my own integrity and immunity against those phenomenon which myself deem to be ‘substandard’.

As of the contemporary, the amount of class and intellectual prospect is in worrisome decline. Even assuming other peoples behaviour previous to encounter, as to say prejudice, is a substandard behaviour according to myself. To the best of my effort, myself intends to avoid such neuromechanical retardation as it impacts the efficiency of my overall mental homeostasis and flow of mental energy.

Merely to bring about clarification.

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For the sake of seriousness in all of the silliness.
As you people plaster yourselves in my synchronicity all over, as per usual when myself let the livestock enter my personal digital space.
While my Friends wonder how myself can handle the behaviour of the livestock and all of their mental impositions due to their unhinged mental bodies – myself assure them that their service as walking schoolbook pages is both enlightening and amusing enough for me to at least partially withstand their .. well, whatever it is they are assigned to do as ‘human resources’.

Most people seem to find what has been proposed in regard to myself as a person in life – beyond my synchronistic tennis in the shape of poetry and jokes – as intimidating. Myself can think of no other neuromechanical principle that spawns such a behaviour. For such is the nature and context to my personal choices.

Never for a second do these livestock stop and ponder. Never do they question themselves, they are too busy and distracted with questioning the choices of other. Myself is aware, as myself used to do the same at a younger more inexperienced age of life.

But very much so, there are aspects to this which are hard to explain. And while my excess of funny mouth-noises, proving little else other than my higher education, is attempting to convey things that myself could not possibly convey in this language.
For such is the situation, when one speaks from a genetic high ground, to the genetic gutter – the spoken to would not realise the outlook in neuromechanical principles anyway.

But in simplicity, this is my own digital property. Myself is the master of expression. Myself built this place.
And while my expressive character is wildly different from that of my ordinary character, it does not mean to absolutely alter the actual person that myself is.

Myself studies neuromechanical engineering, and advanced principles of behavioural science. Something labelled under neurogenetics, in which communication is an absolute phenomenon, as it is the respiration of the mental homeostasis. Myself therefore samples and arranges a wide variation of intellectual constructs in order to spawn specific occurrence in my synchronistic experience. As my projections of mental energy alters the overall fluctuations in our hivemind.

And while this is currently happening right now when you stare at these structured symbols, it is rather impossible to convey it in its full meaning to the genetically inferior.
It is not racism. Myself would not do this if it were.
Subject myself to the non-existent intellectual standard of the average human class. In which there is remarkably little class left.

While myself accepts the majority of ‘funny mouth-noises’ that the livestock produces in autonomous neuromechanical reaction towards myself, they fail to ponder the functions which allows me to respond in the fashion myself does. The ability to communicate.
My silliness is actually an attempt to master my communication in a way which the lower classes can fully understand and appreciate. Because 99% of you have stopped reading by now.

Do not mistake the appearance of myself, because as one ought to know, they are deceptive. Myself is a master in phenotypal camouflage through predefined neuromechanical metamorphosis, or as they would call it more simply in psychology: ‘compartmentalisation’.
Possessing a neuromechanical industry comparable to that of an entire country, myself do indeed communicate with life as you know it in a way which most of you people do not know.

In shortest expression:
Your thoughts has never been, is not and will never be private.

The question you ought to concern yourself with the most in this life is:
Why do you not know that?

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