Knowledge of love accumulated,
expression thereof principled.
Wishes of seeing you again,
would you if you could?

Your taste echoes in the vicinity,
emotions surely linger for eternity.
Like a topless tease at the beach,
enticingly dancing from light shining.

Consciously expressive beauty,
as opposed to the countless noise.
You catch my eyes without consent,
it is not as if you leave me much choice.

You smile, I see you know it.
As the thought takes shape.
You blush, I know you see it.
As the realisation finds itself.

Was it random, coincidence,
or did you enter my sphere,
based in self-driven will,
guided unconsciously.

Outpacing heatwaves contest the water.
As the waves washes over it all of us all.
Arranged around your beauty like a pole.
Where you conduct the arranging field.

Then you smile and fly,
and I leave the past alone.
Burdened by light of you,
loving the impressions.

I wish I get to see you again.
Through whichever suiting body.
Through whichever warm dream.
In whichever moment of my life.