will make sense.
You can read it. Even if your ego cannot.
It is arranged energy, it carries raw ’emotion’.
It will translate synchronistically to you so that it makes sense.
Even if your ego cannot catch it in awareness.
You got the informational arrangement within you.
Even if only fractional.
Now it animates and manifests in your reality.
You will intuitively come to understand what I am trying to convey.

Unless you are neurologically sterilised and lack the female component allowing receptivity of arranged energy. Also known as ’emotion’. The motion of electrons caused in your biomass due to arranged impression.
Your impressive function is to the expressive function what the egg is to the sperm.
Only by reception, and thus impression can you become truly inspired.
And that will conceptualise in your brain and manifest in your reality whether you consciously perceive it or not.
Either through projected reflection, your ‘shadow material’ or artistic expression, your own shadow projection.