Is what makes an entity what it is.
Your circulatory systems in your body is your biological infrastructure.
Your intellectual arrangement in the mind is your informational infrastructure.
The way you think and operate mentally is your neurogenetics.
Having observed and used myself as a running experiment in that for little over 32 years (conventional human counting), I can conclude so with great certainty. Even if epigentics plays a major role besides that.

So infrastructure is everything of a country.
It is not just roads and railroads.
It is everything.
It is the overall state of the country.
The arrangement after which the biomass operates and animates.

The reason the violence and such is increasing is because of entropy.
The country is falling apart. Not extremely, but noticeable.
That is the greatest enemy of them all. To any arranged entity.
Not enemy per se, but in concept.
Can you not see, how all entities struggle for survival or preservation of life?
On all scales?
Once it stagnates and declines, that is an amplification in the death process.
In your body.
In your city.
In your country.
In your planet.

Most people assume to know what life is so much, so arrogantly much, that they take integrity for granted. But once nature arranges a correction the entire infrastructure crumbles.
One idea. Is all it takes if it amplifies incorrectly.

That is why the greatest opposition to society should be seen as entropy. But it is more complex to observe than to operate after perfected observations. Those only serves as guidelines in one’s contemplation of things.
As my advice do.
I do not have the perfect model, because I work on my mind continuously.
As to say, I keep upgrading my infrastructure. Like religiously.
Never stop growing your entity. In sophistication.
Because that enables integrity.

If you want to get somewhere, you do not have time to argue who did what and for what reason. Drop it and move on. You people have far bigger issues on the horizon.
You should be preparing. Not to go to war or anything.
But because you do not know.
None of us knows.

That is why we are still alive and confused.