In your eyes

In your opened eyes I know,
that I am of beauty manifest.
In your conflicting mind so slow,
I am a failure from the test.

I see your internal conflicts,
I see your cellular war.
And the behaviour it predicts,
your deep cognitive scar.

Intellectual constructs related,
dictates borders of your mind.
Mental images sharply serrated,
but you see when you are blind.

You love what you receive,
but you hate when it thinks.
You do not hate my own me,
thoughts of your brain blinks.

You hate yourself, not me.
Perceived difference, you see.
All the images of your brain,
tells you what you must slain.

Neither bold nor brave,
definitely not conscious.
Just another useful slave,
to the powers delicious.

Life lived is the only true force,
holding the Universe together.
Love only comes from source,
making it all become better.

You do not have that yourself,
too distracted with the thoughts.
All the true meaning on your shelf,
and left only with intellectual noughts.