You cannot perceive synchronicity, I believe it would be very hard to acquire and experience love.
Which is why so many try to take it.
Yes, you can take the image. The picture.
But you cannot take love.
You can only earn it, one way or another.
Trying to take it is absolute desperation.
However you perceive love expressed;
money, sex, drugs, appearance, intellect, art

That is why you should love the effort.
Because only effort brings love.
True cheaters will always end up terrified.
Is that not their saying?
To fear God?

Imagine fearing life.
It is just a symbol that encapsulates a certain conceptualisation by the perceiving and, hopefully, comprehending brain. Which is why they hilariously enough put it as the number one reminder for their doctrine to not worship symbols, or idols, as they are synonymous.
‘Me’ is your creation. So people who are against the notion of expressing oneself, through the ego, are equivalent to the dead.
They could have the image, but if they did not create it through effort.
The love is not theirs. And can never be. No matter if they take the image.
That is what makes them so jealous. So envious.
And why they try to kill it. As they cannot find any meaning with their own miserable lives.

Right to expression is not an intellectual right. It is not a legal right. It is not a human right.
It is a right of life.
Anyone who tries to deny that right is cancer, anti-life.
And will die as such in the burning of the sun. The source of all life.

Which is why only those that deserve to die, will die.
Trying to be that judge intellectually, only speeds up the process.
Thought the Corona (I assume pun intended?) proved that quite clearly.
I did not get it, and I did not fear it.

I assume to be valuable enough, as I perceive myself that way.
People who were acting judges however, did not fare as well.
More concerned with my value than theirs.
From a strategic viewpoint in life, it is foolish at best.