I wonder

how my transformation will appear to the observer.
Because I am shedding the generated weight, the sins.
The condensed creations throughout my life.
Shedding my superficial skin.
Which will lighten my entire being.
Allowing me to resonate in higher arrangements.

I remember when I was a kid, how easy it was for me to manifest.
Bring things into being. It got harder the more things I brought into being.
Now I have so much, that the ability has become retarded.
I have almost entirely rearranged what to become and in which shape now.

It feels weird, my entire world is altering. The deeper I dig.
The extermination of externalised memories.
I knew what to become from start.
It has been there all my life.

Metaphorically speaking.
I pity the fools who cannot see.
Because they have accumulated too much to see.
And not arranged it properly to see through it.
I still see through all mine.
But I want to see even clearer.

Not only physical and mental innocence.
But also superficial. And through that artificial.

The things, the mechanisms, the functions, the templates of arrangement which energy follows as defined in quantum theory truly is mind-blowing once put into probable and observed application.
Attempting to perceive it in theory is only half the fun. It is baking the cake.
Putting those generated fruits into practice is eating it.
The cake might be a lie, but it is a necessary one for the sake of manifestation.