I feel

you in my mind.
I perceive you,
in my synchronicity.
I hear you,
in my thoughts.

Of course there are the others,
the noise in-between.
But yours is the channel,
I prefer tuning into.

Through dimensions I see you,
into your eyes as I fall asleep.
Staring into the void,
through space and time,
meeting your eyes,
on the other end.

I rearrange som air,
by whispering feelings.
Manipulation of the quantums,
affecting your presence
through synchronicity.

I breathe in your beauty.
From the other side of being.
Feel your every emotion,
as it paints my mind with colours.

When love is real,
it stretches over infinity.
You occupy my dreams,
fill my fantasies,
conceptualise my thoughts,
act my games,
sing my music,
play my movies,
write my books,
animàte my reality.

I smile silly,
whatever else?
All they ever chase,
in my present moment.

My ghost echoing,
faintly animating a projection.
Fluctuating my immediate,
manifesting in the aether.

Your body might not be mine.
Nor would it ever become.
But your loving essence,
is that of my preference.