I believe

that the more efficient way to solve the integration issue in Sweden is to centralise education around English increasingly. As it is a better bridge language right now. While simultaneously encouraging Swedish as the bridge end.
That goes for (traditional) Swedes as well, as of this point in time an international community.
To different degree of course, but mental stagnation is always neurodegenerating.
You can never learn too much.
Language is conceptualisation, and even if synchronicity is embraced, even if only subconsciously – means to transfer conceptualised symbolism is essential for integrated manifestation – as it is in essence arranged energy. Neurogenetic material manifesting as information.

Think of Swedish as an internal language, as Swedish currency is an internal thing.
Yet the majority of people at least occasionally trades internationally. Euro or Dollar mainly.
The stronger that intellectual bridge also internally, the greater the chance for total integration.
Do not oppose the effects of previous imperialism, utilise it to the best result.

It is easier to transfer symbolic language, one or both directions, with a symbolic bridge.
English was important in my education, but not nearly as much as I would have desired in retrospect. At least 80% of my skill is self taught. Usually out of sheer necessity in video gaming. But also in curious, artistic and scientific endeavours.

Most people knows enough English to start transfer understanding of symbolism and therefore amplifying the connection creating integration.
Use that as a strategic opportunity because of endeavours by other entities.

It is genetic material as any. Intellectual weaponry. ‘Weapon’ is a very vague symbol, keep that in mind.
Swedes (however defined) might be few, but it says nothing about efficiency.