I am very

happy with my genetic makeup.
I see it as if I got the best components one could.
(Well maybe not the ultimate, but genetic puzzling is hard)
If biogenetics is perceived to be a ‘smörgåsbord’.

I got Swedish intelligence and sophistication.
I got Finnish accuracy and quality.
I got Russian patriotism and power.
And I got the Karelian sense of peace and harmony.
I have a tad bit of Norwegian in me, but I have yet to explore that part.
But I guess in that case it would be pride and wealth (however it comes; I struck gold when I found my creative reserves).
They are all quite associated with beauty, so I guess that comes from all at once.

Skills or attributes which I personally associate with those entities.
All of them have it, but it is usually where they (collectively) put their focus.

All mixed into the being I am.
I am what I am, nothing I can do about it.
Better having more of most, than less of everything.