Have you ever

Conceptualise momentum through the initial temporal dimension of human perception; resulting in chronologic ‘linearity’. But in such a manner that it opposes the perceived flow of natural animation.
The swing of the atoms of the contained celestial system are bound by the momentum through the temporal by means of the overriding carrier-wave. Hence why within a contained system, the animating swing could be altered by isolated containment; preferably in perception.
Intellect is nothing but neural arrangement, hence why symbolic composition is genetic manipulation. What you consume etherically into the mental dimension through intellect arranges, depending on accumulated neural mass, your perceived reality.
To regard or disregard “real” is a neural program assessing perceived arrangement of energy in real time.
The ego is troublesome to perceive due to its position, situated between perception and comprehension in the neural construct. Hence injecting itself into the entire perceived reality. From within.
Observation of such, in conscious manner, allows the internal perception to rearrange itself consciously as to symbiotically integrate the perceptionally built ego construct into an overriding arrangement, regardless of scale.
Simulated isolation within the perception of time allows for conscious rearrangement of the biological mass, which itself was arranged because of temporal momentum. Things recreate because of accumulation of sophistication within its energetic construct.
You will always grow out of necessity if you can perceive it. Therefore the action of no longer becoming through the perfectioning of growing up. The moment you stop becoming or desire to become, is the day you approach perfect. Having become, being done. Dead, physically, mentally or spiritually.

Your perception of anything is, according to itself, nothing more than an ongoing observation of momentum. A never-ending animation that constantly branches off in any one or any all dimension or dimensions at once and simultaneously. Which is, in perceptive observation your own growth of neural connections.

Your brain is God. A piece of it.
Your brain is Consciousness. Arranged by it.
Your brain is the Big Bang. A motion still in conscious momentum.
You are either partaking consciously, or is a component in the arrangement.

The problem with having a small or no ego, is that you are everyone.
Because you can relate to almost anyone.
As there is no ego getting in the way.

The ego as such in humanity, is a hive.
A cancer. An intellectual construct that arranges and control by means of similarity.
That is why all know similar language. Similar mannerism.
But not similar enough.
Because a completely integrated ego would defeat it.
It survives through conflict. Con flict. Inflicted Con. Controversial imposition.
Controlling symbolic pathogens. Constructed intellect. Contributed inventions.

To it, ‘unpleasant’ is the true englishified form of ‘disgusting’.
You only know that if you are Conscious.
Knowing of the arrangement.
Aware of the con.