A Patriots Day.

Relevant issue for sure.
I cannot relate as a military personnel, but the effect from my experience is similar enough to understand. Whether or not it is perceived as such, what I went through in the health care is very similar to torture.
So in my case it is not a trust issue. I no longer have a conceptualisation of good and bad, whatever societal constructs attempts to impose. Involuntarily. They altered my perception, physically. So to me, they are as ‘terrifying’ as enemy soldiers would be to someone having served. Hospitals is like revisiting a torture facility.

While it was not intentional on the behalf of their spirits, their egos had little comprehension of what was going on.

Well, it comes to simple arrangement.
Because God does not judge. Only expressions of God does judge. And that is scalar.
Therefore your choice. Always your choice. God does not judge.
It is depending on whichever arrangement you adhere to.
God is in everything. Every country. Every group of people. Every congregation. Every company. Every society. Every city. Every family. Every arrangement of biomass, so also your body. So also your planet. So also our universe.
It does not judge. Simple as that.
Therefore the closer you get to it by not judging.
If you overcome judgement, as to say desire to enact imposition on other creations by it, you will in perception perceive the universe from its viewpoint; sitting next to it on the throne.
So trusting in God, in whichever iteration, religious, occult, pagan or scientific does not matter. It is omnipresent.
You choose its form.
If the US. Then so be it.
If the church, then so be it.
If something completely different, so be it.
If only yourself, God does not judge.

I believe that “God” is just a symbol on the arranging force of life. Whichever arrangement or composition you prefer; genre of existential music essentially.
‘Only God can judge you’, is to say that you judge yourself through the iterations of it you believe in.

So to me it comes down to the simple mantra:
“I want to live”
Which is a play on symbolism in the divine arrangement of language.
I, or ‘eye’, as in the ‘eye of providence’, as in the omnipresent consciousness of all life – desires the simple act of being. To live. To animate. To express. To impress. To arrange. To become.

That is how I survive.
Symbolism holds the arranging power of phonetics, hence the validity of ‘mantras’. Because they become meaningful to you if you believe in them. If you utter them in speech, you arrange that in becoming.

But I know, that God itself does not judge.
Only expressions of it. Extensions of it. Its creations. Its children. Its arrangements.
Hence why Christ attempted not to judge.