Good advice

Here is a good advice which has helped me a lot.

One of the better ways to (learn to) love yourself is to simply pretend that the entire world hates you. Because by doing that you are forced to love yourself in order not to collapse.
It helps you become less concerned about their opinions, and expecting everyone to hate you makes you truly appreciate when they do not. As it will come as a surprise.

My opinion was always that a ‘narcissist’ is someone who cannot (truly) love themselves, thus they are dependent on the approval of other people. Constantly changing not because of their own choices and decisions, but to get the most approval. They give the appearance of loving themselves, but once they are subjected to lonesome, they collapse – because they cannot stand themselves truly. It is a false form of character that passes off as disgenuine and unauthentic. Granted the behaviour of conforming might harvest more approval in the shape of likes and such. But you will never be truly satisfied with yourself as you will constantly adapt to the opinions of other people. That is why you will hate yourself when alone.

If you expect to be hated for who you are, you have already abandoned your care about it. Therefore, the greatest narcissists are usually those who single someone out labelling them such since they refuse to adapt to the opinion or worldview of the person prejudiced.

Expect to be hated by everyone, and you will be forced to love yourself.
That is mental sovereignty and independence.

And the sole reason why I do not give a single flying fuck what people think about me personally. I only mind when they exercise oppression or other forms of actual imposition.

As he said it:
‘Rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not’.