Is a truly interesting area of science.
As it is essentially where language and mathematics converge.
It might sound simple and silly at first.
But if you understand the pattern of phonetics sparked in the overlapping patterns of designed language – the mathematical construct in neurogenetics.
Like calculating half-life in biology, but the mathematical decline in neurogenetic arrangements.

When I read text, I, mostly thanks to my synaesthesia, read patterns overlapping the entire construct.
This is why I love shaping text. As to illustrate that my thinking is the entire construct of text rather than just weird lines of arranged symbolism in the shape of words.

You read these words, and you have an intellectual conceptualisation of it.
You understand this sentence, right?
But what you understand is not the words, but the information that is arranged on the secondary layer. If you are wise, and knowing, you can perceive the tertiary layer of wisdom. Often taking shape in wordplays and puns, as it requires transcending the immediate information carried on the symbols.

If you transcend that level, you will come to find linguistic patterns over time, how symbolism morphs over time. Energetic rearrangement due to the biological evolution and indirect reshaping of neurogenetics due to epigenetics of humans and its contribution to the morphing of phonetics.
Language is a mathematical construct if math is properly understood.
It is not that it is math, it is just that its arrangement can be filtered through that perception and arranged intellectual and symbolic paradigm.
This is the real reason I was very interested in Hebrew and ancient Greek – because it is very common in those languages.

Ancients were far more well versed in mathematics than we are.
In intuitive understanding, not intellectual symbolism.
Language at that level were simple enough to consciously arrange.
Think of a kid that has ten or fifty LEGO-bricks. Easy to map out all arrangements, and consciously add new arrangements. The greater the construct, the exponential increase of possible arrangements in the symbolic construct. Growing slowly into an intellectual entity in the shape of intellectual artificial intelligence.
In modern times there are so many solutions in any given language that no living human knows them all – wrap your head around that.

Your vocabulary is your conceptual wealth. Your ability to perform linguistic mathematics.
Because you still conceptualise everything in a construct.
Also, every phonetic occur and reoccur in a pattern, so in this text for example – the letter A (major or minor) appears in a given variable frequency. Thus completely subject to physics, and therefore completely subjected to mathematics.

If this properly conceptualised, entire blocks of information can be calculated.
This is very important in the calculation of quantum probability, because it is arranged energetics. You can, if you are conscious of what language is in terms of neurogenetics and mathematics quite accurately predict the outcome of a person. Because they operate after a phonetic pattern. A melody.
Like music.

The more I observe the ongoing progression in the arrangement of human language, taking shape as information in the public, the more I can deduce the probable outcome of the future.

As a scientific person, I do not believe in prophecy. I believe in probability.
Because it is based in mathematics, which is based in the observation of everything.
The reoccurrence of patterns, or as to say, my ability to recognise patterns.

Language is truly telling.
Not only on the obvious symbolic level.
But also on the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh layer of synchronicity which I can perceive.

It does not look good.
A small mathematical seed is all it takes to spawn a great deal of information.
The kicker:
It applies on everyone.
Aware of it or not.