Funny thing

All their freedom.
Yet not even allowed to say FUCK.
It is as if an entire country became a meme.

I wonder what they are so ashamed of.
Biological reproduction? Expressions of power linguistically?
No wonder they have school shootings and shit.
When you cannot exercise power in language.
But are more or less free in weaponry.
Well.. for a little while.
That freedom seem to depreciate.

Perkele is basically a Finnish greeting.
As is “För helvete Örjan, hur fan ståre till?”
(For fuck sake Örjan, how the fuck are you?)
in Swedish.
We have a bit more diverse.. vocab in regard to power expressions.
Not only.. well.. FUCK. We are more creative in that linguistic genre.

Maybe that is why we do not need as many guns.
It is boring, but at least we can.. express ourselves.

I can only speak for myself.
I may speak rude, but not stupidly rude.
If I do I do have reason for it. And I will give it.
Given you are not too retarded to listen.
But I will never hurt you physically.
Unless I absolutely have to.
Only Swedish doctors do that.
And occasionally law enforcement.
And inbreds. Of course.

“När orden tryter tar nävarna till” we say in Swedish.
Basically: When words are lacking, violence emerges.
And you do a good job at censoring.
Especially for the kids. So you lull them into suppressed anger.
That is going to come out somewhere.
Usually a couple of tombstones.
Anger is good. It is controlling it that is the point.
If you overly suppress it, nobody learns to control it.

But hey.