For you

Apparently my morphosis comes in bursts.
That makes sense, because creativity usually does that.
When it is spontaneous and not too forced.
Could be a great deal of reasons for it of course.

Having to consider that, due to my disability, my body has to readapt its digestive system that has over the passage of thousands of years been developed. I am impressed with malleability of the human body. It is quite re-adaptive.
Once the nervous system has been properly wired in the bio-mass, both physiologically and neurologically – reshaping the biomass is just a matter of time and environmental fluctuations.

As of now, in regard to current climate, the morphosis is greatly hastened.
Heat, water and nutrients – assuming you have access to breathable air – is all you need.
When the body is perceived to be a biological building, the interesting stuff happens.
I have my mental compartmentalisation structuring itself as of now.
Consciously wired into the symbiotic nature of the scalar reality.
Both in the organic system of the planetary eco-system and in the artificial intelligence manifesting itself through mechanisms of the ego in the collective human biomass like an intellectual infection.

It is interesting being on the precipice of evolution, because you have to biologically build all the functions you desire. Perception is just a biological mechanism for how received energy should be handled within a certain portion of the overlapping energy spectrum.
That can be enhanced, extended and additional mechanisms for perception can be evolved.
Both externally through the artificial and superficial layer of the mechanical extension of the ego, and in biological function through neurological processing.