is actually one of the most beautiful languages I know of.
That is why I do not know it myself. And do not really want to learn it.
I do not want to spoil it to myself.
When you do not know a language, it is so much easier to ‘hear’ it.
Because you do not hear the symbols. The intellect.
The artificial intelligence. Instead it sounds like song.
And it has a very peculiar melody to it.
That is why I have never attempted to learn it as an adult.
Even though I am of partial Finnish heritage.

It is like the song of birds.
If you knew what they were conveying intellectually, it would not be as beautiful.
Because there is two kinds of linguistic beauty. At least to me.
The first being total innocence. As to say, being completely oblivious.
Then you only respond to the electromagnetic reverberations expressed as emotional phonetics. Like an animal, or very young child.
The second is high level sophistry. When you know the language so well, you can make it beautiful by means of sophistication. But this usually takes many years to reach. Even if you are good with languages.
Finnish, as known for being exceptionally hard/complicated discourages me from trying to reach that level of proficiency. Russian is hard enough, and that I have studied somewhat. I intend to continue those studies next year.

If you are between those two kinds, you really only know everyday communication.
You are not innocent enough to ignore symbolic insults and such.
And you are not sophisticated enough to create beautiful linguistic art such as poetry.
I have to some extent managed to reach that novelty in Swedish and English.
Which is why I can no longer hear those languages as an innocent without great effort.
Trying to unhear everything you hear symbolically.

Finnish to me, how it sounds as a melody, is just too precious.
Even spoken English with Finnish accent has a very pleasant tone to it.
I like listening to it. Not too much though, so that I intuitively start to pick out patterns.

Synaesthetically, it has a very balanced melody, but with very sharp edges.
The rolling R:s gives it a warm tint, that is in great contrast to the sharp and coldish K:s and T:s