New sound.
That usually means something in regard to synchronicity.

Life is such a weird thing.
What even are things.
In the greater play of things.

Good headphones are A and O.
Also acquired a new keyboard, and what that is, in regard to things in the greater aspect is wholly unknown. The word itself is … curious.

And a new light portal. To most known as computer screen.
Apparently with a more rapid synchronicity. Since it projects at almost a 100hz faster than my current one.

Most people do not wonder these things. But in regard to greater aspect of … stuff. It is curious to say the least. So many things that can mean so much.
Life is weird. Truly weird.

But somehow I feel.. I do not know.
I blame the fall. It must be the fall.
Like I am angry, but yet not at the same time.
Depressed, but yet not. At the same time.
It is as if it is not my feelings. Yet I feel them.
Like having an emotional stalker, projecting feelings on oneself.
I do not know. I only know what I feel. And the arrangements of symbolism in the shape of words which I am composing in relation to those feelings.

I linguistically sing the way I feel.

What is life?
I mean seriously.
If you think you have an answer, you have not thought enough about it.
It is not knowing what it is that is important. But wonder what it is.
The point is to wonder. It is how you make life wonderful.
It is in the words. It is when you take it as known..
You lose the wonder of life. It becomes..
Routine. Sure that is needed.
It is life. But while doing it.
What is it?
Why is it?

What is everything?
The computer screen is truly a curious arrangement of energy.
Designed to project extradimensional constructs of light, conveying information by means of modulated light arranged into visual cues.
Just like the camera collects it.
In regard to structured energy, the computer screen and collection device, be it camera or otherwise, is kind of a portal in time and space. But not physically. If you look at a capture, you look through time and space. Literally. And figuratively.
Same for microphone and speakers.

I am not sure, because it could be my perception pulling tricks, but most people do not seem to be aware of such. Usually they do not even question it.
What is life?
Why is it?

What is it that makes the heart beat?
Arranging biological components in the shape of intellectually defined cells into being?
Fluctuating a homeostatic system into being by means of biologically produced reverberations through vibrating muscles.
What is that?
Why is that?

Have you ever wondered?
Or do you think you know?
A thinking which is merely a result of it.
Awareness and perception is infinite.
If you think about it rather than thinking it.
And then thinking how you can think it.
And how you can question your own thinking about thinking it.

Life is weird.
Whatever it is.
However it is.

I am not sure where it came from, or why.
But whatever, however, whyever..
Thank you.