Had a very lucid dream this past night.
Lucid as an observer, not the experiencer.
Retold in fragments for recall.

I was in the mind of a female of unknown age, I would guess young adult based on her friends. She was situated in a country of great oppression, something that reminded me of North Korea. Their language was also very similar to it, as far as I know.

Throughout the dream they, her and her friends, had great struggle with surveillance and constant supervision. She was working in a kitchen. Her boss was like you would expect any person operating within an encapsulating hierarchy would be.

They had a secret place they knew of in an airduct between buildings. Where they hid certain things. And a plan to leave the country, to escape. This was somehow found out and one of her friends killed. Her other friend could not take the loss and suicided.

She made a run for it, and was hunted. Almost shot at what in the dream appeared to be the border. But military intervention from the other side of the border got her into safety.

That is where the dream ended.
It was so real and uncommonly lucid.

The collective unconscious indeed.