Do you know

what the greatest liberty is?

To have so little issues that you cannot perceive them reflecting in other people.

Because in this world, it seems it is all other people perceive.

As someone said:
If nobody wants to be with you, it is wrong with you.

What if, and just what if, from a very conscious perspective and viewpoint, as is all my intellectual conclusions:
What if one does not want to be around people as judgemental like that? I mean initially?
Animals seem to like being around me.
Wild animals as well.
See them very often when outside walking.

I always assumed it was
“Misery loves company”
(Layered meaning)

I do not perceive misery, so I am not attracted to it.
I do not have issues enough to see my issues reflect in other people.
My reflection is usually the part in them I love.
It has not always been like that, but I have worked REAL(?) HARD for it.
They force me to reflect their issues by means of their projection though.
So many people having not even touched their ‘shadow material’.
If you insist on calling it so.

Then the fucked up retarded ego steps in the way and spoils the fun.
To me, even though it is painfully lonely, lonesome is definitely to prefer over people unaware of their own issues so much, that they can only perceive them when they reflect in other people. Rare with actual conscious exchanges of intellect these days. Extremely rare. So rare you could probably even charge money for it.
But that would be the ego taking over if left unchecked.

The best thing is when they say something I or anyone else do is ‘depressing’.
Fucking serves them right. If they have so much issues with themselves that they can even be depressed, they deserve it. And they deserve it good.

Think of the mind as a flashlight.
What you shine on you animate.
Giving attention is shining.
So whenever I give people attention.
They animate by my light.
I see myself in them.
And I love myself.
Then they give me attention.
And judge the animation of it.
I animated their issues in reflection.
And they judged themselves in me.

I don’t do that.
That is how I am not depressed.