Death, as perceived by humans, is just a radical shapeshifting of the animating consciousness. A reformulation of the operating frequency manifesting a body. The heartbeat. When a manifest being sheds because the morphosis of consciousness rearranged the cellular structure and therefore projecting morphogenetic field.

You cannot perceive your own death, because the ego cannot perceive itself. So the most logical assumption to make is that you have died more times than you can count. Because your ego goes through stages of morphosis. It cannot perceive itself as how it is perceived by other. So you have died and resurfaced countless times.

Consciousness arranges regardless of biomass it occupies. So if you want to change yourself, you have do it consciously. Because it rearranges the mind and the body by the frequency it produces. If the change is radical enough, it will appear as if you died in the reality of other people. You just resurfaced with another arrangement. It will readapt to your perception, so even if you are where you are at in your template, you are different to them.

Your brain tells you your reality, and it is a reflection of your consciousness.

You die every night when you fall asleep.
It is just that the ego cannot perceive that if it is not conscious.
If conscious, immortality is much easier to achieve.
Because it is all just matter of arranged homeostasis.

Change yourself, your biological construct, mind and watch your entire reality change.
No one ever really dies. Therefore you should as consciously as possible try to define yourself. That is how you develop immortality – if that is the direction you desire.
If it is conscious, it will always end up benign – immediately, sooner or later.

There are more ways to reproduce than in the physical spectrum of energy.
So logically there must also be more ways to live.

The more you change, the more likely you are to ‘die’ in the perceived reality of other people. The less you perceive each other directly, the more likely that you are dead to each other.

Pay attention to individuals that seeks your attention right after the passing of someone.
The more conscious you are, the easier to recognise the patterns of expression, the underlying resonance of that entity, being, soul, spirit – or whatever.

Does not reading a literary expression of someone remind of them?
That is the ongoing echo of their being, their expression.
The more genuine, as in conscious, the greater the integrity of the reverberation.

The universe is little different from the bandwidth panel on a radio.
Scales are just that.
So little manipulation of it to change so much.

Do not concern yourself with the issue of death, concern yourself more with what you want to become. You cannot perceive your own death anyway.