Since quite a few people have tried contacting me now in the weirdest of ways such as through Steam and even Soundcloud - platforms on which I am not very active - I instead direct you to my VK and Facebook, or my email at the bottom of the page.

I have really nothing more to offer than the artwork I have published here (in terms of answers to your questions - I am an artist, not a Guru or similarly). If you want to be my friend, like for real, then sure. But you should know that I am not like ordinary people, or normal people, like at all. Not even those claiming to be different. So keep that in mind as to avoid disappointment. Because even the groups in the world which I thought were intended for that kind of people have treated me like I genuinely am an Alien or something. Isolation and ignorance being the most common methods. I am just being honest, I do not look for attention, since attention usually have caused more damage than not in my life.

For copyright questions every answer is no. No, you cannot use my material for whatever you are doing. Except for my Soundcloud music. That one you are free to use non-commercially or at least in a way that is not intentionally commercial. But it is so low quality that I cannot even imagine anyone wanting to do that.

Please, be original and creative. Make your own material. Have a reason to be alive. Have som genuine purpose in life. That is the reason why I have posted my images in such medium resolution as well. It is only meant to share an experience, nothing else. There are few things I despise more in the Universe than uncreative people. Because they are as good as dead already. Of course you can be inspired by my works, and you are free to link them as well. But that is a completely different thing. Copying the works of others only proves that you cannot do it yourself, so in essence, you are only hurting yourself. That is the reason why I do not want you to copy me or my works, not because of stubborn greed, but because I actually genuinely want you to be creative on your own. That is the best way to develop and evolve as well.

The difference between copying and being inspired is that when you copy you straight up copy something as it is. Wheras being inspired is studying or observing something and then recreating it in your own style. Once I got that distinction myself, it actually helped me in my creativity, as it motivated me to recreate things in my own style whilst trying to maintain as much originality as possible.

I made my own website (one can argue the quality)
and my own material to publish on it.
Now I want you to ask someone to hold your beer while you make yours.