I have gained so much colour from my sunbathing now.
It is amazing to observe.
The best protection is not sunscreen, it is the sweating function.
The more and the better you can do it, the better your skin is protected.
Because it remains hydrated and by so the cells remain alive.
Allowed to develop Melanin.

Dehydration of the cell kills far more than the light itself.
The more material that is toxic to your biological homeostasis that is stored in the biomass such as muscles or fat, the greater the risk for skin cancer. Because that is what obstructs the natural homeostatic functions developed over time to protect you from radiation.
Eating healthy and drinking a lot of water will protect you better against the sun than any sunscreen. It is not perfect, but so is nothing. It is however natural.

The harder it is for the water to reach the surface of your skin, the greater the risk that comes from sunlight. Because to your body, water is a precious resource. And if it cannot reach the cells where it is needed the most, they will suffer and die. This is the primary reason why you burn.

And the reason why I no longer burn, even in direct sunlight without protection for as long as three hours. A time in which I without problem can consume more than two litres of water.

The reason why the sweat smells is because it carries more unnecessary components and toxins from the body. Sweating is a function of biological excretion as much as it is a function of protection.
Healthy diet and drinking a lot of water counteracts it and enhances natural pheromones.