The “Coat of Arms” visible in my Opus.
I made it a couple of years back.
As an artistic endeavour and fun experiment.
I am not sure exactly how the idea arose. It may have been because of some discussion about ancient stuff. As usual.
But I got curious, how I would make mine, if I made one.
It is not serious or official or anything. People do not care about that stuff too much these days anyway.
But it is always fun to try new kinds of art. It is also a great way to learn and know oneself.
Because you have to think about it. Consider it. Ask yourself. Come to idea and fruition.
So if for nothing else.. it is a fun thing.

I made several iterations before I settled with the current and final version.
There is really nothing to add to it anymore. It would just be redundant.

I mean, you should make yours. Just as a funny thought experiment.
The more unique and you, the funnier the task.
It is funny to look at them.
Because there is a lot of symbolism in all of them, legit and just funny artworks like my own.
Maybe yours go with rainbows and unicorns. Angels and demons. Bricks and tools. Cars and bikes. Planes and parachutes. Animals and plants.
You also have to symbolically summarise your endeavours and achievements. Real to you or real to the world – since it is just a fun thing at the end of day anyway.

I encourage you. It is funnier than you think. And the more you define yourself, the more you will be inspired by yourself in the future. When your own art inspires you, you have reached perpetual artistic motion.

Everything in mine means something. Of itself and in conjunction with everything else.
It required some thinking, therefore several iterations over the years I played around with it.

But no, it does not mean anything official.
Just a fun thing symbolising things I have collected mentally throughout life.

Some people wonder why the Greek language.
Mostly because it constitutes a major part in the foundation of English.
It was part of my studies in linguistic neurogenetics and its development over time. How symbolism morphs through cultures over time. It was truly an interesting endeavour and study. But I do not know (modern) Greek in the literary sense (since this was more concerning ancient Greek). It was more one subfield within neurogenetics. Since intellectual communication is a central part of that field, when it concerns humans.

Earlier outcasts and versions that did not last long:
Yes, I even attempted studying Hebrew at one time, since it is a very interesting language from a mathematical viewpoint – which makes it even more interesting in relation to neurogenetics and patterns of thinking and arranging symbolism.
But it dropped in the midst of everything else. The learning curve is too steep if one does not make it a main priority.
But I like that slang. Both its symbolism, and the way it sounds when it is said. Has a very pleasant synesthetic colour to it.
I first caught it when listening to Infected Mushroom’s song “End of the road”, and the sound of that word/slang immediately caught my attention, because of how it sounded.
It is one of my many favourite words/slang.