would be the natural progression to biogenetics and neurogenetics.
Because when you have developed your mind enough to understand and handle time, you can start to bend it in your mind through mental experimentation. That is chronogenetics through neurogenetics.
You animate quantum theory most efficiently in your brain, because it is an arranged quantum computer. With almost infinite capacity. Especially in the mental realm, the etherical portion of the energetic spectrum.

If you are a visual thinker, you understand how to conceptualise and remember.
If you are a lucid dreamer, you know how to compose internal imagery, standalone or in sync with external perception.
If you are conscious enough, you know how to develop internal perception to bend time indefinitely.

Time is a conceptualisation, so whatever you conceptualise it in regard to, would be in theory, and scientific concept chronogenetics.
We already know how to easily transfer arranged energy throughout the etherical, our digital arrangements allow that. If you have cross-temporal perception in your brain, the digital portals (computer screens) allows for quite interesting synchronicity. If you can recollect it in internal perception.

It is easier to understand and think, if you have thought it.
Quantum theory can most easily be applied and observed in thought.
The downside is the internal and therefore subjective result.
But at the end of day, nobody knows for sure.
Everyone is a pile of memories animated into life.
Collectively and subjectively most think they know.

If you could dream anything you want, what would you dream?
If the future, how far?
People are mostly obsessed with situation: “will I be rich?”
I am more concerned how far I can see myself.
Because that projection, is a result of my capacity.
You see that future, because you can sustain that passage in time.
If it is done consciously. The ego cannot do things like this.
It has to be conscious. And that requires ego-death, or at least disciplined ego-subjection.

Because the ego is the operating system of your brain.